Minecraft Is Finally Adding Cherry Trees In New Blossom Biome

Get ready for a lot more pink pixels in Minecraft. The upcoming 1.20 update is introducing a brand-new biome to the game, filling the world with cherry blossoms. That’s right, cherry trees are finally coming to Minecraft. Not only do these blossoms add a splash of color, but they will attract three different mobs of creatures. Plus, the trees themselves can be broken down into a new wood-set.

In an official post on the game’s website, Mojang Studios went into detail on what this new biome has to offer. Not only do the canopies of the trees give off the look of fluffy, pink clouds in the distance, but they attract some cute creatures. In fact, mobs of pigs, sheep, and bees are drawn to the cherry blossoms and will spawn in this biome. You can also take the cherry tree saplings and plant them wherever your blocky heart desires.

While the creatures are cute and all, one of the best aspects of this biome is the new wood-set, courtesy of the cherry trees. Players can craft and build with the new light-pink wood to add some color to any building or creation. It can also be crafted into the new hanging sign being introduced with update 1.20.

While this new pink biome didn’t quite make it in time for Valentine’s Day, players won't have to wait too much longer to explore it. In fact, it will be available in the next Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot on February 15. It is expected to hit other editions not long after this, so get ready to open the game one day and find yourself in a sea of pink. And pigs, sheep, and bees, of course.

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