Minecraft Streamer Loses 4,317 Day Hardcore Playthrough Live On Twitch

Twitch streamer btecbill_ lost a 4,137 hardcore Minecraft world live after accidentally equipping a chest plate instead of wings.

Depending on what difficulty you play it on, Minecraft can either be a peaceful experience with no enemies and a focus on building, or a hellscape where one wrong move can remove months of progress. Hardcore is the epitome of this, deleting your world and progress if you die even once.

As reported by Game Rant, no one has experienced this pain quite as hard as btecbill_, who was livestreaming the 4,137th in-game day on his hardcore Minecraft world. Bill was showing off the quarry that he'd created in his world before a viewer asked him what skin he was wearing underneath his Netherite armour and Elytra wings.

In response, Bill took off his armour and wings to show the skin. After this, he started putting the armour back on but forgot the most important part – the Elytra wings. As the name implies, these wings let players glide around when falling from a high distance, the thing that would eventually cost Bill his hardcore progress.

Instead of equipping the wings, Bill accidentally put on a Netherite chest plate before jumping towards the quarry and realising his mistake and shouting, "Wait, wait, no, no". It was too late, and btecbill_ became an unfortunate victim of the struggles of a hardcore Minecraft world. The clip has since been posted on TikTok for all to see.

Bill was apparently going to finish the run at 4,500 days, but it's looking like he'll have to move past it or start all over again.

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