Minecraft’s Copper Stairs Are Absurdly Expensive

During the Minecraft Live event, we were introduced to copper ore. Our introduction to this new block type was given to us in the form of a timelapse that exemplified how a copper roof can turn from orange to green over time. As with most roofs, this one was made of stairs—however, in a recent preview of the 1.17 update, we learned just how much those stairs will cost you, and they’re absurdly expensive.

The upcoming Caves and Cliffs update will change everything about how the underground of Minecraft generates. It will also bring many, many other additions to the game, some of which are being shown on Bedrock and others on the Java edition. While copper isn’t as expensive as netherite, it’s perhaps more expensive than it should be.

The true cost of copper stairs was shown on the Java edition of the game by a prominent YouTuber in the Minecraft community. As it turns out, you’ll need to mine 74 blocks of copper ore to make just four stairs. That’s because you’ll first need to make copper blocks which, of course, require nine copper ingots per block.

You’ll then need eight of these copper blocks to make the six cut copper blocks that you’ll need to eventually make your four copper stairs. All of this means that you’ll need the absurd total of 1,080 blocks of copper ore to make less than a stack and a half of copper stairs. If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, you’ll know that it often takes much more than a stack of stairs to make a decent roof—sometimes three or four.

That being the case, you’re going to need to spend a lot of time mining for copper if you’re going to have any significant number of copper roofs in your Minecraft world. The cost of copper should reflect its real-world value, however, the price of Minecraft copper seems too high. Mojang is taking feedback from the community, though, so perhaps this will change in the months leading up to the release of 1.17. Perhaps, with your help, this will bring about an additional use for the smithing table, paving the way for all other metals to be turned into cheap slabs and stairs.

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