Mixed Realms Opens Playtesting for Hellsweeper VR, Details Roadmap

The next virtual reality (VR) title from Mixed Realms (Sairento VR) is Hellsweeper VR a first-person roguelike where you have to fight through a nightmarish underworld. While development is still in the early stages – a full release isn’t expected until Q3 2022 – the studio has just opened up playtesting over on Steam as well as releasing Hellsweeper VR’s development roadmap.

Hellsweeper VR is all about battling hordes of monstrous demons that already look fairly formidable using melee weapons, guns and magical powers, both solo and in online co-op. Mixed Realms’ roadmap reveals that Hellsweeper VR will feature three core modes: Roguelike, Sandbox and Multiplayer. Roguelike is the main portion of the experience, split across three acts with randomly assigned locations, weapons, skills and increasingly challenging enemies. Each act will be split down into various missions and levels as follows:

  • Elimination Mission: Eliminate the level’s boss.
  • Survival Mission: Survive hordes of enemies for a stipulated time.
  • Totem Mission: Destroy totems around the map to stop enemies from spawning.
  • Wave Missions: Defeat wave after waves of enemies.
  • Sacrifice Mission: Sacrifice enemies to unlock altars around the map.
  • Various Challenges & Mini-Games: Unlock the tori gates of hell with challenges that will test your skills, wit and luck.
  • Collect Rewards – Unlock treasure chests with keys or destroy mini totems around the map to collect additional Souls and/or Obols, the two main currencies in the game.

The Sandbox mode will give you a bit more control over the gameplay, selecting from a variety of options including the arena, mission style, difficulty level, preferred weapons and abilities. Whilst the Multiplayer offers the co-op mission option or allowing players to fight each other in PvP.

When it comes to weapons Mixed Realms lists a pistol, broadsword, bow, rifle and shotgun alongside magical elements like fireballs, frost, electric and telekinesis. You even get your own hellhound to keep you company fight for you, with its own skill tree. Check out the full roadmap over on Steam. It’s worth noting that with over a year to go until launch some of these features might change.

As for the Alpha demo, if you own an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Valve Index then you can request access. The developer says the demo: “is a watered down version of the full game but loaded with enough core mechanics to let you get a good feel of Hellsweeper VR.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Hellsweeper VR, reporting back with the latest updates

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