Modern Warfare 2 Players Think Attachments Are Making Weapons Worse

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's players think that most of the game's gun attachments are actively making each weapon worse, and instead recommend going with no attachments at all.

Modern Warfare 2 has launched to record-breaking sales and seems to be fairly positively received by the players so far, but the community has a number of issues with the game's systems, such as the skill-based matchmaking, aim assist, and the lack of core features like Hardcore mode. The latest issue to crop up is the attachments for guns, and how they seem to make each weapon much worse.

Modern Warfare 2's Gunsmith lets players adjust most of the elements of their gun, including the stock, the ammo, the optics, the muzzle, and more. However, almost all of the attachments have both positive and negative effects that make the player choose whether they want to add something to their gun but sacrifice another element. One example could be adding a sight for better aiming, but slowing down how fast you can aim down the sights.

Although the system is supposed to offer positives and negatives to each attachment, players are reporting that the attachments simply aren't worth adding at all because the negatives almost always outweigh the positives. One of the most popular posts on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit over the last week is one that calls out the attachments for how much they negatively affect weapons that they're supposed to be improving.

One of the biggest problems that players are reporting right now is that almost all of the gun attachments negatively affect how long it takes to aim down the sights of a gun, which is obviously an essential part of winning a firefight. One argument suggests that it's so that players use the new tuning system to get change their gun in a more in-depth manner, but that was quickly rebuffed with proof that some tuning actually does nothing at all to a weapon.

That's just one popular post on the subreddit right now, but there are a ton of other players reporting the same issues and making memes about how useless attachments are, and how much effort it is to unlock the ones that they actually want. It's clear that the system needs some kind of big revamp for players to get on board with it.

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