Modern Warfare 2’s Crown Raceway Cars Have Their Own Killcams

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Grand Prix map returned just in time for the game's launch. Now called Crown Raceway, the F1-inspired map includes cars racing around its track. If you get hit by one of those cars, its killcam will replay the incident to show you your death from a different angle.

Killcams have been a Call of Duty staple for years. A short clip that plays after you've been felled to demonstrate where you went wrong. As highlighted by GamesRadar, a feature that can often be educational. One that allows a player to see any potential mistakes they made, and a chance to avoid making them again in the future.

With that in mind, it's a little unclear why Infinity Ward decided to incorporate them into Crown Raceway's F1 cars. As you can see thanks to the clip shared on Reddit by TheyCalledMeProphet, there's no mystery as to why the player was killed. You stand on an F1 track while cars are whizzing around it, odds are you're going to get hit and at that speed, the car's killcam is going to be quickly activated.

The ability for the cars to mow down players, and then replay the incident via a killcam, may explain why the track was cut earlier this year only to reappear at launch. Crown Raceway was originally an official F1 track, but when it returned, anything officially linking it to Formula One had disappeared. Perhaps the reveal that the cars could plow into people and send them flying didn't sit well with the F1 heads.

Activision appears to have done just enough that Crown Raceway can't be officially linked to F1, preventing any legal trouble. The same can't be said for what has been a largely celebrated level showing off a very accurate version of Amsterdam. It even includes a hotel you'll find in the real-world version of the Dutch city, but the owners of that hotel aren't happy about it. Activision Blizzard is also still in the midst of investigations into alleged sexual harassment and a toxic work culture behind the scenes.

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