Monster Hunter Rise: 4 Easy Recommended Weapons For New Players

On March 26, the latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise was released for the Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise allows Switch owners to try their hand at monster slaying. While many veterans are hopping back into Monster Hunter with Rise, there are plenty of rookies trying their hand at the franchise for the first time.

Trying Monster Hunter for the first time can be daunting. With so many systems and choices afforded to players, it can be hard to know where to start. The first thing players will want to know is what weapon best suits their playstyle. Some weapons are challenging to pick up, while others help series newcomers learn the game’s mechanics and rhythm with ease. Here are several weapons that a great for those hopping into Monster Hunter for the first time.

Sword And Shield

Those looking for an excellent mix between offense and defense will feel right at home with the Sword and Shield. Many series veterans list this weapon as one of the simplest to pick up, and for a good reason. This weapon offers a variety of options for those unfamiliar with the aggressive and daunting attacks of monsters.

By swapping between their two options, hunters can tailor their playstyle to the situation at hand. If a monster is overly aggressive, players can lead with their shield. If the monster leaves itself open, there’s an excellent opportunity to use the blade to get some attacks in.

Dual Blades

The game’s quickest weapons are the Dual Blades. These small, agile weapons allow hunters to leap, dodge, and dance around the battlefield with ease. Attacks with these weapons don’t demand too much precision, as hunters can dole out a flurry of strikes in just a few seconds.

The Dual Blades are arguably the easiest weapon for new players to pick up, and while they are simple to use, there’s a high skill ceiling, leaving room for hunters to improve their techniques and attacks over time. Remember that players will have to get close, as the reach is short with these weapons.

Long Sword

Players looking to distance themselves from their prey may favor the Long Sword. This mid-range weapon specializes in attacking from just outside of a monster’s reach. While the weapon is powerful, it’s still able to dole out attacks at a reasonable rate.

It’s a great compromise between speed and strength that lets players ascertain a situation, attack, and maneuver around a monster without providing too much risk of injury.

Insect Glaive

Players who prefer agility should try their hand at the Insect Glaive. This weapon pairs a halberd with Kinsects: customizable bugs that can be outfitted before a hunt.

The Glaive allows players to fight in midair with quick, successive vaults and attacks. Because it makes maneuverability so simple, monsters will have a tough time pinning the hunter down. Even the game’s most inexperienced players will be able to eviscerate their prey using this weapon.

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