Monster Hunter Rise: Expert Wirebug Movement Tips

Monster Hunter Rise has become one of the most successful games of 2021, with record sales in just a few weeks. With so many players hopping into the new release, there’s no better time to try out this popular franchise. Fans new and old have banded together to support this incredible experience with new monsters, weapons, and abilities never seen in the series before.

One of the newest tools that hunters can use in MH Rise is the Wirebug. This living gear allows hunters to move around the map in ways previously impossible. It’s the perfect tool for those looking to add mobility and options to their hunting kit. If you’re seeking some advice on operating this new tool, check out these tips to make the best use of Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise.

Use The Wirebug To Traverse The Environment

The most practical use of the Wirebug involves moving around the environment. They’re a quintessential part of traversal in Monster Hunter Rise. There are several ways that hunters can apply these tools when making their way through a hunt:

  • Press ZL + A while grounded to use the Wiredash. This catapults hunters forward quickly and can be used to evade attacks or give chase to a monster.
  • Those aiming to get some height can use ZL + X to launch themselves upward. These can set up powerful airborne attacks, which we’ll discuss later.
  • Suppose you’d like to aim where you fly when you use your Wirebug, press ZL + ZR to bring up a cursor. This reticle will be your Wirebug’s target when you release the ZR button.

Keep An Eye On Your Wirebug Meters

The Wirebug, while handy, is not a resource that hunters can use infinitely. There is a meter at the bottom of a player’s screen that showcases the status of Wirebug Charges. If you see a Wirebug icon at the bottom of your screen, that means you have one that’s ready for use. If you see a red meter, that means the Wirebug needs to recharge. Players will start with two Wirebugs during their hunts, but hunters can find more as they explore the area.

Grab Extra Wirebugs In The Wild

When players are out in the wild, they may see a glowing bug hovering out in the open. These are wild Wirebugs. Players can capture them to increase the maximum Wirebug capacity from two to three uses. Keep in mind that this boost is temporary, and eventually, the meter will revert to the standard duo of Wirebugs. Make sure to snag any of these critters should they appear to increase options in battle.

Suspend Yourself In The Air To Catch Your Breath

One of the handiest things about the Wirebug is how hunters can use it to hop in and out of combat. Those looking to take a break from the fight can do so by pressing and holding the A Button in the air to suspend themselves using one of their Wirebug Charges. Your Wirebug meter won’t recharge when you’re suspended, so keep that in mind when using this technique.

Make sure not to suspend yourself too close to the ground, as a monster can always swat you down, stunning you in the process.

Set Up Aerial Attacks With Wirebug Movement

Wirebugs can be applied in a litany of ways. Some defensive, and others are offensive. Those looking to turn their Wirebug into an offensive tool can do so immediately after inputting ZR + X. Once hunters are airborne, they can draw their weapons using X for a powerful aerial attack.

This is a great technique for those looking to counter a monster’s deadly attack. Send yourself into the air and test out your weapon’s unique attacks and apply them as often as you can in battle.

Use Great Wirebugs To Move Around The Map

There are multiple Wirebug types in Monster Hunter Rise that hunters can use. Apart from the traditional Wirebug that hunters use in battle, there is also a Great Wirebug. Unlike the regular Wirebugs, these creatures can transport players great distances. Hunters can place these consumable creatures in specific locations around the map for players to use.

Great Wirebugs can be placed in Jewel Lillies (shown above) and will often give players an indication when they’re nearby. Once a Great Wirebug has been placed, it will stay there permanently. Hunters can get these creatures as rewards from Senior Hunter Hanenaga for completing his side quests.

Use Switch Skills For Powerful Attacks

Apart from aerial attacks, Wirebugs can be used to use a new type of attack as well. Switch Skills are powerful moves that use the Wirebug Gauge to enact a unique move. To activate this ability, players will need to have their weapon drawn and enact their unique weapon’s switch skill requirement. (Check out the guide below for more information.)

Those using the Greatsword’s standard Switch Skill, for instance, can press ZL + X with their sword drawn to use a powerful downward thrust on their way down from the Wirebug’s launch.

Use Wirefall For Quick Recoveries

If a monster knocks you off your feet, you don’t have to let it keep you down. Use the momentum from that fall to recover! Press ZL + B to trigger the Wirefall ability after you’ve been hit. This is a great way to mitigate damage and keep your momentum in a fight.

Use WireBugs In Rapid Succession To Travel Great Distances

Once players have the hang of the Wirebug basics, they can start chaining these abilities for more advanced movement. Each of the moves we’ve explained here can be used in succession. Those looking to add a few new options can check out the following tips as well.

  • ZL + X while airborne will keep players airborne with a forward dash.
  • Pressing ZL + A while in the air will send hunters towards the ground.
  • Press and hold A while in the air to maintain this height and reposition for your next move. You can jump from this position by pressing B and a direction.

With practice, any hunter can use the Wirebug to become a mobile killing machine, so put in the work, and you’ll be slaying with speed in no time.

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