Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 2020 Roadmap Promises Return Of Fan-Favorite Monster, Synced PC & Console Updates, And More

As promised last week, Capcom has unveiled the details of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s 2020 roadmap. As expected, the first few updates are for the PC version and will include things like the Rajang battle and Resident Evil 2 crossover event. Safi’jiiva and Stygian Zinorge will also be coming a month later in March with endgame area “The Guiding Lands” getting fully updated.

What is more striking is the announcement that the PC and console versions of Iceborne will become synchronized in April. While this probably just means Capcom will attain content parity at that time, it might be a precursor to cross-play getting added to World. One of the most requested features for the game, that would be a huge boon to the player base and would unite hunters across each system.

If that wasn’t enough, May also promises the “return of a fan-favorite monster.” There’s no visual hint as to what this might be, so it’s anyone’s guess. I’m putting my money on Gore Magala, the main monster introduced in Monster Hunter 4. He’s quickly become a fan-favorite and would add yet another massive winged beast to the fight.

With the amount of content already available in Monster Hunter World -not to mention its expansion-, this roadmap seems incredibly generous. Players will not only have new variants of existing monsters to square off with, but even more new ones added on top. The current roadmap ends in June with Capcom promising more additions, so who’s to say World won’t feature more than 100 beasts when all is said and done?

Capcom has stated that Iceborne will be the only paid expansion for World, so it’s unlikely those extra updates will facilitate another DLC drop. I’m sure hardcore fans would enjoy such a thing, but I applaud Capcom for not wanting to drag out something with constant paid updates.

Still, what else can you even possibly add to this game? World was such a breath of fresh air for Monster Hunter and it catapulted the series into popularity. It would be silly to sit on it, but the game is stuffed to the brim.

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