MultiVersus Players Are Already Questioning Why Marvin Is An Assassin, Not A Mage

Marvin the Martian hasn't even been released yet, but that isn't stopping MultiVersus players from being confused as to why he's an Assassin instead of a Mage.

The second season of MultiVersus is upon us and we already know who will be joining the roster next – Marvin the Martian. Although it seems likely that his release is imminent, we've not seen him (back) in action yet. That hasn't stopped the official MultiVersus Twitter account from confirming his character class already, revealing in a Tweet that he's going to be an Assassin.

The reveal of Marvin's class has already been met with confused reactions from players, with many commenting that they didn't expect that underneath the reveal tweet. Reliable MultiVersus leaker LaiulMV reacted to the news by saying "(why is he not a mage)", before revealing that his character data had been placed next to other Assassins for some time, but that it was assumed to be a mistake.

Marvin being an Assassin wouldn't be too noteworthy if his moveset hadn't leaked a few days ago, making him look like the magiest Mage that ever maged. Along with a clear focus on ranged attacks, Marvin has a ton of weird moves, like his recovery essentially acting as a summoned drone and his neutral special being a big red button that reverses projectiles.

Considering Marvin hasn't even been released yet, it remains to be seen whether he'll suit an Assassin class, but from the leaked moveset and how his character acts, it seems like the writing's on the wall for another Morty situation. Regular MultiVersus players will likely remember the outcry when Morty was revealed to be a Bruiser instead of a Mage, all because he had one tanky ground combo.

Morty's misclassification became such a talking point in the community that even MultiVersus director Tony Huynh stepped in to say that Morty might be better suited to the Mage class. Nothing ever came about of that, but if Marvin does end up being an Assassin, it'll be interesting to see how fast those conversations happen again.

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