MultiVersus: The Best Characters For Beginners

Move over Super Smash Bros, MultiVersus is the new kid on the block. As a free-to-play multi-platform game, it's accessible to all. Due to the notable characters that Player First Games is adding to the crossover fighting title, there will most likely be gamers that will lean out of their comfort zones to try this new fighter.

MultiVersus is fast-paced eccentric action with up to three of your friends. Reminiscent of Smash Bros, it's a 2D arena platform fighter where you mix your fighting skills with the limited space of a floating stage. Fall off the stage or even get knocked off, and you die. The first team to four kills wins. With this being said, whether you have over one thousand hours in Super Smash Bros, or you have never touched a fighting game in your life, here are the best characters to use when loading up MultiVersus for the first time.

7 Jake

Jake is a character that most will overlook. After all, when given the option of a yellow two-legged dog or Batman, it seems like an obvious choice. But Jake isn't to be overlooked. While not as strong as Superman or as illusive as Harley Quinn, Jake can certainly pack a punch worthy of your attention.

His abilities are rather straightforward to master. Jake can transform into countless objects that all do damage. Being able to transform into a horse, a house, and even a stretchy version of himself that reaches as high as the stage. His arms can grow into massive fists or even an axe. All of his attacks, although sounding complex to pull off, are as simple as pushing one button and moving the analog stick in any direction.

6 Superman

Superman is a solid choice for beginners. His attacks are relatively simple and easy to memorize. He has a primary punching combo attack, an attack where he flies throughout the map, and his signature freeze breath. He is a bit of a tank character which comes with its own struggles.

The man of steel certainly feels as if he is made of steel the way he walks about the stage, walking slowly toward an opponent and hardly striding forward as he punches. Nonetheless, with the ability to fly, that is hardly a complaint worth mentioning. Superman remains one of the most easily accessible characters in the game. Without question an appropriate choice for any newcomer.

5 Reindog

While not the most exciting or quick character, Reindog is excellent at clearing space. He is a support class but when just starting on your Multiversus excursion, he can be used as a great option for your primary character. Spamming his basic attack lunges Reindog forward, essentially clearing space for himself. When using this attack, it makes it immensely difficult for other players to get close to you.

Reindog can clear a platform better than any other character in the game currently. Just line up your enemy and dash forward like a bowling ball knocking down each pin and every pin.

4 Lebron James

That's right, they actually put Lebron James in this game, and he's surprisingly amusing and dynamic. His primary attack is to dribble a basketball that acts as a punch would – landing on his opponent and causing damage. Pairing that attack with one of his other mains, literally dunking on you. Lebron leaps in the air and slams the ball down on his opponent.

Lebron is categorically over-the-top but he needed to be. His attacks are relatively easy to use. He has exceptional control of his space, challenging an enemy player to get close to the dribbling force field he creates. It's as easy as spamming two buttons, and you'll be flying through the air, slamming a basketball into your best friend's face.

3 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has some of the best weaponry in the game. Her sword acts as her primary, slashing her way through the other team with little issue at all.

Her shield is similar to Reindog's primary attack – she lunges forward, smashing her foe and sending them backward. It's a strong yet simple move that can be used repeatedly. When playing as Wonder Woman you feel powerful. Her arsenal is deadly, allowing even inexperienced players to hold their own.

2 Batman

It's safe to say this character doesn't need a lot of convincing. Everyone knows and loves Batman and most likely he will be the majority of player's first choice. And you wouldn't be wrong to choose him. Not only is it extremely cool to see him in a fighting game like this, but Player First Games truly put the players first with this design.

Batman's attacks are practically effortless to use while maintaining a smooth and effective appeal. His grappling hook can latch onto an enemy pulling him flying towards them to land a combo. He also undeniably has the best feel to his basic attack where he simply crumbles his enemy with his own fists.

1 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is incredibly strong in MultiVersus. Her attacks are arguably the fastest in the game, and she is very easy to manage. Her primary attack is her bat that she swings rapidly at her foe. The second and just as effective attack is her hammer. Harley swings upward with her bulky hammer, slamming into an opponent's face. This ability can be charged, causing an even more dramatic blow.

Harley is the best choice for your first character because of how well-balanced she is. She has one of the best one-two combinations and is exceptionally quick. Harley can flow through the map with ease and trap her enemies with very little effort. She's arguably the best character in the game which makes it that much more enticing to try her when you first jump into Multiversus.

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