Mundaun Creator Takes Us To A Hotel That’s 100% Haunted In New Behind-The-Scenes Episode

The latest episode in a series of behind-the-scenes dev diaries for the upcoming indie horror game Mundaun will really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. What could help build the excitement for the game’s release better than a visit to a haunted hotel?

Developer Hidden Fields – headed up by Michel Ziegler – and publisher MWM Interactive are releasing an episode every two weeks, presumably until the release of the game on March 16. So far, we’ve peeked into Ziegler’s own studio where he created hundreds of hand-drawn textures for the game, and visited a some real-life locations in the Swiss Alps which inspired some of the game’s environments.

Another location is showcased in this week’s episode too, but this one is by far the creepiest of the bunch. This time we have Hotel Mundaun – a real-life hotel which is situated in the Swiss Alps where the game is set, and which presumably makes an appearance in the game itself.

According to Ziegler, who once again hosts the episode, the hotel used to be functional when he was a child, but now it’s known to be abandoned. And abandoned it certainly seems, as Ziegler and co. sneak around its perimeter in the dark, wielding flashlights which do little to ease the terror surrounding the ominous building.

“It reminds me of the hotel in The Shining a little bit,” Ziegler says. In an interview TheGamer held with Ziegler himself a few months ago, he also mentioned how The Shining inspired him during the creation of Mundaun.

Speaking of shining, near the end of the video the team sees that a light starts shining from one of the windows of the supposedly abandoned hotel. They move closer and have a look, hoping they don’t spot any figures in the illuminated interior (at one point, I really thought I saw one myself though). The cherry on top is undoubtedly when Ziegler mutters, “Now I hear children’s voices…there are never any children here.”  Umm, no thanks.

Whilst we ponder the many possible logical explanations that will prevent us from losing sleep over this, keep in mind that Mundaun’s release is coming up real fast, so get excited. It lands on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on March 16.

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