My 8 video game wishes for 2021 – Reader’s Feature

A reader makes a list of the announcements he’d most want to hear this year, from confirmation of the Switch Pro to GTA 6.

We’ve had a bit of a quiet year so far and with a number of high-profile delays, 2021 could turn out to be a bit of a let-down. With that in mind here are some of my hopes for the rest of the year, though I accept this list is likely pure fantasy. I should’ve probably written this at the beginning of the year but hey ho, never mind.

1. Nintendo officially announce the Switch Pro

As someone who plays the Switch almost exclusively in handheld mode, I can’t say I’m altogether excited about rumours of 4K and ray-tracing. I’ve got my PlayStation 5 for all that fancy stuff, however I’ve pretty much accepted the Switch Pro will happen soon. What might make me sit up and take notice is a slightly bigger screen with a higher resolution, for people like myself that are unlikely to benefit from docked mode. It would also be great if the screen had some anti-glare technology. Playing whilst sat outside on a sunny day, with a nice cold beer, would be amazing but I just can’t see the screen, even sat in the shade, on the current model.

A price point of less than £350 would also be great, as I don’t think I could justify spending much more, even taking into account trading in or selling my current Switch.

2. Nintendo announce more Zelda/Mario ports

Staying with Nintendo, as someone who hasn’t played much of their back catalogue I’ve benefitted from a number of remasters such as Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario 3D World, etc. However, I would like Nintendo to announce two particular games, these are Zelda: The Wind Waker and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars last year, I could appreciate the high esteem in which Super Mario Galaxy is held. It was, for me, by far the standout game of the collection. This has made me want to play the sequel even more, since many consider it the best Mario game ever made. I hope we get it as a paid DLC or as a standalone title.

The Wind Waker is also a game I would like to try. Ever since completing Breath Of The Wild I’ve wanted to try other Zelda titles. I’m not sure however about the upcoming Skyward Sword. I know it seems to be less well thought of and to me it doesn’t look as interesting as other Zelda games. However, I’m very taken by the art style of The Wind Waker. The world looks bright, colourful and fun to explore.
I’ve considered trying to get an old Wii or Wii U but am holding out to see if either game, or access to the back catalogue of games, will be announced soon.

3. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 to release in 2021

Last bit of (hopeful) Nintendo news and that’s for the release and gameplay footage of Breath Of The Wild 2. I know long term Zelda fans want the game to feature traditional Zelda dungeon gameplay. Personally, I would be OK with that as long as we still gets the shrines, which in my view was one of the best bits of Breath Of The Wild. Just less dodgy motion control ones, please.

4. New God Of War coming 2021

This isn’t one I’m holding out much hope for. If I’m not mistaken it was slated for a 2021 release but frankly I’m expecting this one to be delayed before long. Let’s hope I’m wrong and we get some actual footage soon. I’m not sure what the game will entail, I imagine much of the same perhaps with an older Atreus as a playable character. I hope it’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive, I don’t want to deprive PlayStation 4 owners but it would be great to see how they use the new hardware without the confines of having to worry if it will run on last gen consoles.

5. PlayStation VR 2

As a PlayStation VR owner I have mixed feelings about the current hardware. The only game I have managed to play to completion is Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. There’s some games, such as Vader Immortal and Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners I want to try but I think the current hardware will make for a disappointing experience.

The last VR game I bought was Iron Man VR, but I ended up trading it in very quickly as I just couldn’t enjoy it due to the imprecise nature of the Move controllers, which I have since traded in and will now stick to games that don’t require them.

I’m trying to play Moss since it is now free to play but even that is giving me issues tracking the DualShock controller. Upgraded hardware could breathe new life into already existing titles.

Hopefully Sony will give some more details of when PlayStation VR 2 will launch. I’m hoping for a wireless headset in addition to the upgraded controls and some killer games. Astro Bot 2 and Half-Life: Alyx would both be massive.

6. PlayStation Plus/Play at Home

Xbox obviously has Game Pass but I also think PS Plus has proven great value for money in the last few months, with high profile games such as Control: Ultimate Edition, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Oddworld: Soulstorm all joining the service. Not to mention Horizon Zero Dawn, Astro Bot, and other smaller indie games on the Play at Home initiative.

However, I hope Sony announce more high-profile content coming to both services in the coming months. Also, whilst I understand Microsoft have more resources in order to make first party content available on day one via Game Pass, Sony could always counteract this in other ways. Perhaps PS Plus users could get a heavy discount on these games, or that first party games come to the service after a period of say 12 months of being available at full price.

7. Grand Theft Auto 6

I mean, what is there to say really? GTA 5 is now nearly eight-years-old and remains one of the few games I have beaten to 100% completion. I have no interest in the online element of the game, so I wish that Rockstar at least give us a glimmer of hope that they have at least started work on a sequel.
However, part of me fears that the continuing popularity of GTA Online, and with the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X due for release later in the year we might be years away from GTA 6.

8. Microsoft up their game

What Microsoft are doing with Game Pass is great and commendable and I hope Sony is taking note. Whilst Game Pass obviously has the bigger selection of games I actually would say that the PlayStation Plus Collection for the PlayStation 5 has the better games.

Though I am more a fan of Sony and Nintendo, as for me they have by far the better exclusive games, I’m not blindly loyal and I’ll go where the games are.

I could be tempted by an Xbox Series X or S, especially by spreading the cost via the Xbox All Access package. However, at the moment I don’t see the point. For me Microsoft need to announce new content. Forza Horizon was one the last generational Xbox games I enjoyed and would definitely sit up and take notice if they announced an imminent release date. Another Fable game might also peak my interest.

For me Microsoft need to give firm release dates and soon. So far, unless I’m mistaken The Medium is the only exclusive that’s been out since the new console was released and it wasn’t very well received [it also wasn’t published by Microsoft – GC] and Halo Infinite is the only significant AAA exclusive with a possible release date of 2021. Unless Halo Infinite gets stellar reviews I’m not particularly interested and from what I can tell even diehard Halo fans have been underwhelmed by recent entries in the franchise.

So come on Microsoft, release some quality exclusive content and soon. Microsoft firing on all fronts is great not only for Xbox fans but the gaming community as a whole.

By reader Matc7884

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