My dream Lego The Simpsons video game – Reader’s Feature

A reader names the classic Simpsons episodes he’d most like to see in a dedicated video game, from You Only Move Twice to Deep Space Homer.

For fans of video games and the Simpsons we have not had a decent game since The Simpsons Game in 2007 (The Simpsons: Tapped Out does not really count). Ever since I can remember I have always watched The Simpsons on Channel 4 at six o’clock and Lego Star Wars was one of my first games on the PlayStation 2.

When Lego Dimensions was announced a few years back I was underwhelmed. However, when I found out that the game would consist of Simpsons levels and you could play as Homer, Bart, and Krusty I bought the game and The Simpsons expansions straight away. Lego Dimensions shows that The Simpsons could work as a Lego game.

Just on a side note, one thing I enjoy about TT Lego games is unlocking characters from franchises I love (Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and Indiana Jones). However, unlocking characters has been more annoying and tedious because games like The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic Park have too big of a roster of characters where I only care about the main cast and not the other 100+ support characters (generic superhero 4 or Jurassic Park employee number 2).

That’s one thing The Simpsons has going for it, a mass cast of character that are likeable and well known, not just to Simpson fans but everyone (and better than Park tourist no. 2).

The rest of this article are the five levels/episodes I would use in my dream Lego The Simpsons game. This is my opinion and most of these will be my favourite episodes (if you disagree or have episodes you think would work and want to discuss it find me on Twitter).

1. The Mysterious Voyage of Homer
Okay, this one is cheating a little bit because it was the expansion level in Lego Dimensions. I won’t explain this one because it’s already an episode. But trust me, if you haven’t played it, it works and is really entertaining.

2. Itchy & Scratchy Land
This Westworld parody is a real favourite of mine. The level would consist of the Simpsons family fighting through the theme park against the robot Itchy and Scratchy. The park and the rest of Springfield would also be a free roam section.

3. Deep Space Homer
Yes, I know another level with Homer (he is the main character). In this level you would go through NASA training as Homer and Barney and then you will have to fix the spaceship in zero gravity with Neil Armstrong and the inanimate carbon rod!

4. The Book Job
The Book Job is the only episode on this list that is from the more modern era of the Simpsons. This short level would just be the heist of the book, with the final boss being Neil Gaiman (watch the episode and you’ll understand why). The playable characters would be Bart, Homer, Moe, Patty, Skinner, and Professor Frank.

5. You Only Move Twice
You Only Move Twice is the second episode in season 8 and consist of one of the best one-episode characters in Bond-style supervillain Hank Scorpio. The way I would do this level is splitting it into three sections. First section would be Marge and Maggie trying to escape the house that cleans itself by making it dirty.

The second section would be Lisa trying to escape the woods with her allergies playing up. I would make it timed, e.g. five minutes to complete with the screen going all blurry because of the allergy effecting Lisa. The final section would be you playing as Homer and Hank Scorpio going through the level taking out the U.S. army and the Sean Connery James Bond.

By reader Harvey Goodman-king

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