My Time At Sandrock: Beginner Tips

My Time at Sandrock, the highly anticipated sequel to My Time at Portia, has recently launched in Early Access for Steam. Following the same format as the first title in the series, players find themselves as the newest builder to join this little desert town, where they can build their workshop and farm, settle down, and help to make Sandrock a better place.

There's so much to do and learn when it comes to Sandrock, and if you want to make the best out of the situation and you're just getting started in Sandrock, we've got a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

My Time at Sandrock is currently in Early Access on Steam and as such, the content is subject to change. We will update these articles as required.

Do Commissions Every Day Without Fail

Commissions are the best way to earn gold and raise your Workshop's Reputation, and you'll unlock more difficult commissions with better rewards the higher your reputation is. However, you're limited by how many commissions you can accept each day, so don't waste any opportunities and make sure you do as many as you can each day so that you can level up your workshop as soon as possible.

Failing to complete a commission by the due date will lower your reputation, so don't accept any commissions that you're not sure whether you can fulfill them.

Sometimes Buying Commission Items Is More Efficient Than Crafting Them

Your time and resources are precious, so sometimes buying the items needed for a commission can be more efficient than crafting them yourself. Weigh up the gold reward with the cost of the item and see if it's worth turning a quick profit without wasting your own time and materials.

You can view the details of requested items to see where they can be obtained, not only seeing the machines required to make them but also if they are sold from any stores as well. Be sure to check when looking at commissions!

Keep Upgrading Your Workshop And Machines

It's important that you keep all of your equipment up to date because as you progress through the game, you'll need to create new items that can only be crafted using upgraded or newer machinery. You can also expand your farm/workshop area so that you can build more machines, new areas to grow crops, and new facilities.

Some machines can be upgraded via the machine menu, while other improvements have to be unlocked by visiting Qi and exchanging Data Discs for new machine blueprints.

Expand Your Inventory And Build Storage

Your inventory space is super important as you're going to find yourself often busy gathering different materials, crafting a variety of components, and generally filling your pockets with everything you can find.

Be sure to increase your inventory so that you can carry more, but also craft some storage furnishings for your workshop so you can offload any items you don't always need to hand, giving you even more even free space.

Build Relationships With Others To Gain Perks

Building friendships with the local NPCs in Sandrock can unlock a variety of useful perks. You can check out which perks are available from each person in the Social journal menu tab, then concentrate on befriending those who offer the best perks.

Speaking to NPCs every day and giving them gifts are the two most reliable methods of increasing your friendship with them.

Grab That Scorpion!

Sometimes while gathering in the area around Sandrock or at the Junkyard, a scorpion will appear and run away from you. Act quickly to chase down the scorpion and grab it, as it won't stick around for long. These rare Shiny Scorpions are worth 64 gold each when sold to the store.

Keep An Eye Out For The Mysterious Man

Sometimes the traveling salesman known as the Mysterious Man will appear in Sandrock. Be sure to check out his wares and see what's on offer as he sells a range of rare and coveted items that you'll likely be interested in.

It's always worth keeping a decent reserve of gold on hand for if and when this rare NPC appears, as the last thing you want to happen is that he turns up and you don't have enough money to buy anything.

Don't Cut Down The Plant Life!

Whatever you do, do not cut down the trees and cacti around Sandrock! Plantlife is scarce in the desert and you'll find yourself butting heads with the locals if you do this. Burgess will give you a warning after the first time you do it, and if you keep chopping down trees/cacti, you will find yourself losing favor with the locals and getting fined.

You can plant your own on your farm once you've unlocked the ability to make crop areas, and those you are free to cut down however you like.

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