NBA 2K20 1.03 patch notes update: Latest changes revealed by 2K for PS4, Xbox

NBA 2K20 just dropped a quite frankly enormous update to the game this evening.

The 1.03 update to the game is 23GB on the PS4 and an absurd 38GB on the Xbox One.

Why absurd, because according to some ardent fans on Reddit, that's actually as large as the entire NBA 2K16 game a few years back.

Chris Manning, the host and producer of NBA 2KTV, previously said that the NBA 2K20 1.03 would be bringing in “subtle changes” to the game.

He also added on Twitter: “Gameplay team continues to monitor player behavior and how people are competing in #NBA2K20”.

Annoyingly the update doesn't seem to have addressed several key issues for fans, although Manning did at least provide a bit more clarity on changing names in MyCareer.

In an exchange on Twitter with NBA 2K YouTuber iPodKingCarter, Manning was asked: “Since I have your ear/eyes for a moment, will there be a hot fix that allows us to change our names on MyCareer? Many of us are nameless and can’t do anything about it.”

To which Manning replied: “While I don't have the definitive answer, it's my understanding this would be addressed in a patch.”

So, yes, but not now, but at some point down the road. We think…

And once again, official patch notes are missing. Which seems, bonkers, in 2019 and for updates of this size. Fortnite manages to do it, at least twice a week, so it's hard to understand why NBA 2K20 cannot.

The only concrete information about changes to the game have come from Mike Wang, gameplay director, who took to twitter to share this:

“Dear Dribblers, with today's patch, R2/RT + RS Down = Stepback Escape. For the Behind Back Escape, R2/RT + RS Down Left/Right (like the standing tween legs but with Turbo).

“I swapped the Tier 2 and 3 Behind Back launches too. GL”.

For the time being, we've included the changelog as stated by, which isn't quite the same as full official patch notes, but for the time being it's all we got.

That said, should any further changes become known (big or small) we'll be sure to update the changelog below.

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NBA 2K20 1.03 changelog (Updating full patch notes)

  • With today’s update R2/RT + RS Down = Sepback Escape.
  • For Behind Back Escape. R2/RT + RS Down Left/Right (Like the standing tween legs but with Turbo.)
  • Fixed Zach‘s render.
  • Fixed speed and stamina issues.
  • Multiplayer improvements.
  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Added stability improvements.
  • Various other minor fixes.

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