Neon White Is Coming To PlayStation December 13

Neon White made quite the impression on The Gamer’s crew when it arrived earlier this year. The anime-inspired speedrunning first-person shooter also got top marks from Ben, giving Neon White 4.5 out of 5 stars. "It’s a blissful experience," Ben wrote. "Neon White makes you happy."

That happiness was first released on the Nintendo Switch and PC, but now it’s going to make the migration over to PlayStation. Neon White arrives on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 13.

PS5 players can expect 120 fps. "When precision matters, the high framerate makes a difference," explained game director Ben Esposito of Angel Matrix over on the PlayStation Blog. He also noted the PS5’s reduced loading times will come in handy for quickly reloading levels, something that players will be doing a lot as they strive for faster and faster level times.

As for that DualSense controller, Neon White takes full advantage of its adaptive triggers by giving each Soul Card (Neon White’s weapons) a unique feel for both firing and discarding. Haptics provide an additional layer of feedback, providing players with a tangible sensation for when moving at high velocity or killing demons. "Our goal wasn’t just to make you feel cool, but for you to develop a sixth sense," noted Esposito. "To turn you into a speedrunning freak."

For those who haven’t picked up Neon White on Switch of PC, the game centers around a group of sinners called Neons taken from Hell to take part in an annual competition to clean up demons in Heaven. The winner gets to stay, while the losers return to their eternal damnation. Disobey the angels and the mask each Neon wears explodes. Each Neon has a distinctive personality, with Neon White being a huge dork while Neon Violet being… a little extra.

But the core of the game is less about discovering the relationships between each Neon and more speedrunning through levels like a literal bat out of hell. Your weapons are cards that can be fired like boring regular guns or discarded for special movement effects, like performing an aerial stomp or being catapulted skyward.

Neon White hits PlayStation consoles December 13.

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