New 2K Studio, 31st Union, Is Working On Brand-New IP

2K has announced that its newest studio–which is helmed by former Sledgehammer head Michael Condrey–will be called 31st Union, and the team is already hard at work on a brand-new IP.

“31st Union is off to an incredible start with a passionate and talented team, an intentioned culture that champions inclusivity and greater representation, and an ambitious and inspired new IP that we’re extremely excited about,” Condrey said.

“We’re creating a development environment focused on a single new IP where passion is at the center of it all,” 31st Union head of strategy Tyler Michaud added. “We believe diverse perspectives and experiences are crucial to creating a truly global entertainment experience with a deep connection to passionate fans.”

31st Union is one of 2K’s four studios with multiple locations around the globe–the others being Cloud Chamber (which is working on a new BioShock game), Hanger 13 (responsible for the Mafia series), and Visual Concepts (responsible for the NBA 2K and WWE 2K games).

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