New Batman game teased by Arkham Origins studio – it looks very ‘Court of Owls’

WB Montreal just can't seem to stop teasing a new, upcoming Batman game.

The most recent hint the company has dropped, in a prolonged series of teases , revolves around the 80th anniversary of the caped crusader we saw the world celebrate over the weekend.

To celebrate World Batman Day, WB Games Montréal's official Twitter account posted a short video of the (in)famous Bat Symbol shining up against a wall.

You can see the video embedded below, and if you're wondering why this is a big deal, you should give it a look…

If you watch closely, about halfway through the video, you can see a series of images flash up in the middle of the post that seem to hint at something new coming.

Interesting right?

The company is getting more blatant with its teases by the day. As the tweet below shows, there are a series of symbols that appear in the flash… and as we've previously reported , they seem related to the Batman Court of Owls storyline.

If that's not enough for you, Geoff Ellenor, game director on an unannounced title over at WB Games Montréal, also tweeted something cryptic about the symbol.

At this point, without a doubt, we can assume that the studio is up to something.

If you're keen to get your fill of the Bat as you wait for more information to present itself about the new WB Games title, you may want to fire up your PS4 and get yourself a PS Plus subscription.

At the moment, Batman Arkham Knight is available to download for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers and it (currently…) the last title in the much-loved Arkham series that has spanned four games so far.

Rocksteady Games took care of the 'core' trilogy – that's Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight – whilst WB Montreal dealt with the spin-off Arkham Origins.

We're awaiting an announcement from Warner sooner, rather than later.

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