New Battlefield 2042 beta dates are next week reveals leak

When Battlefield 2042 got delayed so did the planned beta but an official leak from China has revealed their new dates.

Battlefield 2042 is hardly the only game to be delayed this year, thanks to the pandemic, but when it moved its release date to November 19 that also had a knock-on effect for a number of other things.

It’s still unclear if the Gold and Ultimate Editions are going to give access to the game a week early (i.e. November 12) and officially EA hasn’t said when the promised beta dates have been rescheduled for.

They have officially leaked though, in that that an EA advert appeared on Chinese video-sharing service Bilibili touting the dates October 6 through 9.

When is the Battlefield 2042 beta date?

Since October 6 is also the same date that leaker Tom Henderson suggested earlier in the month there seems little doubt that these are the real dates.

According to Henderson, October 6 and 7 will only be for those that have pre-ordered the game, but on October 8 and 9 everyone will be able to play.

The beta was supposed to be this month but considering September is almost over that’s clearly not going to happen anymore. EA did promise to reveal the new dates this week though, with Henderson suggesting the original plan was September 29.

Given the Chinese leak it’s quite likely that EA will accelerate these plans and make an official announcement today.

The delay has also meant that EA still hasn’t revealed the new Hazard Zone mode, believed to be similar in concept to Escape From Tarkov. That reveal will presumably be via some kind of livestream but there’s not even a rumour of when that will be.

Couple of things;

It says events from Oct 6th – 9th (doesn’t mean the Beta ends then).

It’s from the Bilibili live stream page, and BF2042 was recently added to the general categories section.

BF2042 has an official account on Bilibili, so the info is real.

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