New Beyond Good And Evil 2 update still doesn’t mention a release date

It won’t be at E3, but Ubisoft’s Beyond Good And Evil 2 has had a pre-show livestream, showing human/monkey hybrids and a space pirate lair.

Ubisoft are always a difficult company to predict for E3, because unlike other publishers they seem to enjoy unveiling as many new games as possible – as well as highlighting already announced ones.

That means they’re also particularly prone to leaks, so we already know about Roller Champions and Watch Dogs Legion (with a good chance of Splinter Cell too). But the other thing we know is that Beyond Good And Evil 2 won’t be there.

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has already said he’s too busy making the game, but his team did offer up an update last night, via a new livestream.

The stream focused on the fact that many of the characters are hybrids of humans and animals, something that was true of the original but rarely explained.

Apparently they’ve all been created by an evil corporation for specific jobs, with the monkey ones used to mine a dangerous mineral called Diwalite – a task that can often prove fatal.

Beyond Good & Evil always had a surprisingly serious story behind all the goofy-looking animal people and, even if you ignore all the swearing, the sequel seems even more so.

You’re cast as a space pirate and have the option to rescue and recruit slaves, giving you the chance to play as a hybrid or a human.

According to the developers the theme of the game is predetermination versus free will, and as a result while the original was similar in style to older Zeldas the new game is much more open-ended. Which is presumably why it’s taking so long.

The livestream also offered a look at the pirate base in an asteroid belt and an ancient computer named Primera, as well as some updated character models for some of the main characters.

They all seemed like relatively minor details though and since everything was labelled as pre-alpha it doesn’t sound like the game is going to be ready for years.

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