New Details For Halo Infinite’s Potential Battle Royale Mode Leaked

Earlier this month we learned that Certain Affinity was working on a battle royale mode for Halo Infinite, thanks to a datamine that found descriptions that said things like "Every Spartan for themselves!" and "last Spartan standing". To add to that, the project's code name, Tatanka was shared by a WWE wrestler who won the 40-man battle royale match called Bashed in the USA in May 1992.

With enough proof that it's a battle royale, we now have some new information on it. It appears that more datamines have taken place, and InfiniteLeaks has found some information. Firstly, it seems that the battle royale, or Tatanka for now, will have multiple modes, including Duos and Quads. There's also something called Default and DefaultBots, which could be solo and solo with bots.

Next, there's a whole bunch of settings for Tatanka, giving the impression that you'll be able to host your own customized game. Some of the customization options include Sudden Death, and how many remaining teams there need to be to trigger it, Respawn Tokens, and the ability to start the match with them, choosing where the final circle will zero in, and a whole bunch of challenges and animation related options. It also gives us insight into how you'll be landing onto the map – via drop pods. There's also an option to respawn at your drop pod.

The third tweet reveals the sizes of the lobbies for bots, but they could possibly be the same for multiplayer as well. It reveals lobbies of 100 and 60, with teams of four and teams of three respectively. It's the same for Free For All (Solo) as well. The last one isn't some big reveal, but shows how many times the game mode has been tested. It's been played 4834 times in total and 351 times recently. Although there's no saying what accounts for 'recently'.

Hopefully this new mode, along with season two, will breathe some much needed life back into Halo Infinite. The game's player count has fallen so low that Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a higher 24-hour player count on Steam.

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