New Pathfinder Class Lets You Throw A Weapon And Shoot It To Make It Return

Are you the kind of tabletop roleplayer that loves describing all the epic backflips and twirly sword maneuvers you pull off during an attack? Well strap in, because Paizo has a new class for you.

Pathfinder 2e is relatively young as far as TTRPGs go, and that means it’s in the exciting era where new stuff is being playtested all the time. Paizo reveals new content through playtests, monthlong events where players are given a free PDF and asked to go wild. Paizo then collects feedback through surveys so that improvements can be made before the content is published in a sellable product. The latest playtest introduces two new player classes: the gunslinger and the inventor.

The gunslinger can be built in the image you probably first conjured up: a lone drifter with a keen eye and fast hand. But they can also be snipers or, most importantly, dual-wielding anime badasses. Think Dante from the Devil May Cry series. One of the gunslinger moves lets you throw a melee weapon, shoot the melee weapon with a gun/crossbow, and use the momentum to both deal more damage and have the melee weapon bounce back to you. It’s extremely over the top, but tailor-made for the players who love to describe extreme finishing moves.

The inventor is an interesting case. One might liken it to Dungeons & Dragons’ artificer, and there is some crossover there. The inventor is actually not a support class, even though some might imagine a frail scientist helping the team out with magic items from the sidelines. Instead, the Pathfinder inventor can be played as a frontline fighter. They tweak their own armor and weapons to make them more dangerous. There is the threat of instability, however, as seen in the ability that makes inventions self-destruct for AoE damage.

Pathfinder 2e is kicking the new year off in a big way as Paizo continues to try and build the audience. A new Pathfinder competitive game will hit Kickstarter later this year, and Starfinder now has a single-player version on Alexa that’s pretty cool. You can download the gunslinger and inventor playtest document here.

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