New Pokemon Snap: At Home In The Dark Request Guide

If you’ve been taking brief photo excursions around the Research Lab in New Pokemon Snap, then you will have inevitably noticed the gap underneath the deck, deep darkness where a Pokemon definitely lies in wait. The question is, which one, and how do we get it out?

The answer is actually right in front of you. One of the Pokemon easily visible in the Lab area will help you get in there and scare out the Pokemon, allowing you to take a bunch of pictures, and completing the At Home In The Dark Request, which hides a nice little reward behind it.

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how you can complete the At Home In The Dark Request, step by step. Follow these instructions and you’ll quickly complete this Request. Make sure to keep checking our complete guide to Requests in New Pokemon Snap for more solutions.

How To Complete The At Home In The Dark Request In New Pokemon Snap

First, the possibility of completing this quest actually depends on the version of the lab you load into. You cannot select your starting position for Research Lab expeditions the same way you can select Research Levels of areas. Instead, you need to quit and reload the level if you start in the wrong place. The correct position is facing the other lab vehicles, and the sleeping Meowth.

You need to use Fluffruit to lure the Meowth over to the decking, at which point Meowth will charge inside and scare out the Pokemon you need to photograph. But as I said, getting Meowth over there isn’t always so easy.

First you need to immediately use either a Fluffruit throw or your Scan to wake up the Meowth, and then you immediately need to begin making a line of Fluffruit over to the decking. Meowth can stall to eat the fruit, and while you can slow your vehicle by aiming your camera or facing the rear of the vehicle, Meowth can be difficult to manoeuvre.

Each time Meowth stops to eat, use your scan to make Meowth drop the fruit, and place more to lure it over to the decking. You may need to go into the menu and click Retry several times in order to get Meowth to go inside.

Once the task is completed though, just wait. Eventually, a Rattata will run out, followed by a Meowth in chase. You need to photograph both Pokemon in a single frame – primarily the Rattata – in order to complete the At Home In The Dark Request. Hand that picture into Professor Mirror, and everything will be complete.

Rewards For Completing At Home In The Dark Request In New Pokemon Snap

Once the Request is complete, make sure to head into the Request menu and collect your reward. In this case you’ll be given a sticker of the Research Lab, which you can place on pictures you take before uploading them online for your friends.

It’s a minor reward, but a nice boon, especially if you’re the creative type.

For more guides on completing all of the Requests in New Pokemon Snap, make sure to check out our full guide here.

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