New Resident Evil game is codenamed Project Resistance, reveal due next month

Capcom’s secret Resident Evil game is going to be playable at the Tokyo Game Show but is it brand-new or another remake?

After recent reports of Capcom recruiting fans to test a secret new game, it’s now been confirmed as a Resident Evil title – but there’s still no clue as to what it actually is.

What we do know is that it’s codenamed Project Resistance and will be officially revealed on Monday, 9 September at 4pm BST – a few days before a playable demo appears at the Tokyo Game Show.

The teaser site here confirms it’s coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC but doesn’t seem to have any other clues as to what the game may be.

The idea of getting fans to come in and test the game always smacked of a multiplayer title and we’d still say that was the best guess.

It’s almost certain that Capcom is working on multiple Resident Evil games at the moment but it seems unlikely that this is the inevitable Resident Evil 3 remake, as neither the codename or the playtesting seems to make much sense in that context.

Capcom are also working on Resident Evil 8 and it’s more possible that’s what this is, even if Project Resistance still sounds more like a spin-off.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first Resident Evil multiplayer game, even if the likes of Umbrella Corps and Operation Racoon City represent some of the worst entries in the franchise.

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