New Soul Calibur VI Update Brings A Spooky Equippable Item

Soul Calibur VI  has a fall-themed update that includes a cosmetic item and new QoL upgrades.

Available in the creation mood is a Jack-O’-Lantern that you can add to the current roster or your own custom characters. It’s been added to the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam versions of the game.

In addition to the Jack-O’-Lantern, there is a bunch of quality of life improvements. In Casual Match mode, the WAITING sign does not become READY until players and spectators return from the battle. Players previously were unable to join as spectators due to this issue. Some of the text has been fixed and stability has been improved for certain attacks.

Balance adjustments to the gameplay have also been made. For example, the duration of the shockwave generated from soul charge has been shortened to 3 frames. It is also possible to guard against a shockwave. You can read about specific changes with each character here.

Fans have been very creative with the creation tools available to them. For example, they’ve made The Powerpuff Girls, Ryuko Matoi, and even Homer Simpson in the game.  Soul Calibur VI’s character creation system has an impressive suite of options that allow for bizarre uploads like Pepsiman and Buzz Lightyear. Maybe the community can do something really cool with the new Jack O’-Lantern in the game.

Soul Calibur VI will be getting one more character with its second season pass. So far, Hilde, Haohmaru, and Seksuka have been released. According to EventHubs, dataminers found that Hwang will be the last character. He has been long missing from the roster as his last appearance in the series was in Soul Calibur III. He’s a sword wielder who hails all the way back to the original.

When Soul Calibur VI released, Sergio Solorzano said in his review that there’s plenty of fun to be had in the game and that the fighting systems have become deeper than prior games in the series. He also liked how the story went back to square one rather than following the confusing follow-up narrative of Soul Calibur V, which had a different cast of characters.

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