New Tales From The Borderlands: Episode Five Walkthrough

Divestments is the episode where everything comes together. It is the final chapter in the story of New Tales Of The Borderlands. As such, there are plenty of big scenes that explore the relationships between several characters. It is specifically significant for Anu, as she really reflects on who she is.

There is quite a few gameplay sections, too. From quick time events (QTEs) to exploration to making choices, there is plenty to do in this finale. In fact, there is even a sequence where you compete in a turn-based battle against a giant mech. This guide shows you how to do all of it, including finding the Vaultlanders.

Anu As A Jabber

This episode is different from the others in that the music montage is directly after the story summary. Once that is over, you get a scene with Anu where she is suddenly in the body of a Jabber. Your dialogue choices don't matter during this sequence, as Phuong can't understand you anyway.

Once you get on the wheel, there is a QTE that is actually worth failing. This is because, if you miss it, you get to witness a significant moment between Anu and Phuong, which gives you more insight into the protagonist.

Fran And Octavio's Predicaments

For the next section of the game, you keep switching between Fran and Octavio, both of whom are in problematic situations.

At one point, Brock, the walking gun, will return, whether or not you killed him previously. He will try to get a rise out of Octavio. Avoid his bait by picking unantagonistic dialogue. This will infuriate the weapon.

Eventually, Octavio realizes they need him alive. So pass the QTE to grab the gun and hold yourself hostage. At this point, if you want to avoid getting shot in the leg, don't choose the "fire warning shot" option. Regardless, you convince them to let you out of the cell.

As for Fran, she's encased in ice and facing execution. This is when Sponsor-bot appears. Depending on what state it is in, it'll either encourage or discourage your anger. But this is a time when your rage is needed.

So, make your dialog choices and then pass the QTE to get Fran out of her predicament.

Anu As Octavio

Now back to Anu, who is no longer a Jabber. Instead, she is Octavio and is living through a past event between the two siblings. It's a deep conversation that shows you what their relationship was like prior to the game. Throughout it, you react to what's happening as Anu.

It's better for their relationship if your choices in this scene reflect that Anu wasn't always respectful or understanding of Octavio.

After the talk is over, you must literally build a bridge between the two characters. It's simple to do, as you just select each of the floating blocks.

Fran's Fight With Sponsor-Bot

The next scene takes you back to Fran, who now has to deal with a transformed Sponsor-bot. You face off in a retro turn-based battle. Every move requires hitting or holding a button.

When 'assist' becomes available, you may want to use it as it summons Fergus, who does decent damage and earns you an achievement or trophy.

Eventually, the fight will end with a choice. You can say, "Anger Kicks a**!" or "I Control My Anger!" Your decision dictates how Fran deals with her anger issues. Either she lets it out, or she gains control over her rage.

Octavio Continues His Escape

After Fran's battle, you get to see what Octavio is up to again. He is still escaping from the complex while holding himself hostage.

First, you come across two guards who engage you in conversation. Whatever you say, you get the better of them.

Not long later, you run into Octavio's idol from the nightclub. The last time you saw him, he trapped you in a cage. So, it isn't the most pleasant meeting. At the end of it, you can choose whether to shoot or ignore the man.

Susan's Coldwell Office (Includes The Handsome Jack Vaultlander)

Once Octavio reunites with Fran and LOU13, the three of you search Susan Coldwell's office. And it's one of those segments where you can freely walk around.

There's a Vaultlander up the stairs to the left. It has a suspicious 'X' symbol underneath it. Grab the Vaultlander to initiate one last battle with the Badass Superfan. When you beat him, you acquire the Handsome Jack figure.

To progress in the story, look at the showcase behind the desk to acquire a new ECHOdex. You can use this to scan the other characters if you please.

To continue with the main narrative, though, look at the computer on the desk. Octavio doesn't get anything from it, but he does find a button that opens something on the other side of the room.

Head over there and interact with the terminal. It is password protected, so you must hack it. There's no minigame this time, as the ECHOdex automatically does the job.

Anu In A Dream World

The next scene is very compelling, as you're back in control of Anu within a strange dream world. In this magical place, Anu faces a lot of truths about herself.

From a gameplay perspective, it's simple, as all you do is continually follow and interact with the green light – and the occasional obstacle.

Save Anu And Get To The Bridge

After the scene with Anu, the rest of the crew burst into the room where she's being held. But the returning Stapleface stops you from getting to her. You have the choice to tackle her or protect Anu. If you want the Krieg Vaultlander, you must tackle the wild woman. This is because she hands over the figure after the tackle.

The misunderstanding with Stapleface quickly gets sorted out, and Anu wakes up. Then after some discussion, everyone makes a beeline for the bridge. It's a long and exhilarating sequence.

Partway through it, Brock turns up again, and he has some improvements. Plus, he no longer cares about Susan's orders and intends to kill the protagonists.

However, Octavio hacks his nemesis. When he does, turn off the Barrell and Magazine, but turn on the Safety. This stops the gun in his tracks.

After that, the rest of the section has several QTEs and a few non-vital dialogue choices.

Final Confrontation

You might've lost Stapleface and LOU13, but you've made it to Susan. Yet, she still has some tricks up her sleeve, and she puts all of Promethea in jeopardy.

The shard gives Anu a chance to save them by reuniting the green and red shards in her body. This would, however, kill Anu in the process.

Octavio tells her to reject the shard. Instead, they can figure out a way to save the day together.

Reject The Shard Route

If you choose to reject the reunion, it will still happen but within Susan's body instead. This leads to a long action sequence with many button presses.

The scene doesn't need much explanation, except when you attempt to hack the main weapon. For this moment, you must know that the chamber lock needs to be 'off' and self-destruct needs to be set to 'on.' If you do everything right, Susan will be defeated.

Reunite The Shard

Reuniting the shard significantly changes Anu. She gets rid of Susan, but she also punishes a lot of other people. You (as Octavio) is the only one who can stop her. To do that, you have to answer a series of questions – and pass the occasional QTE.

This is each question and the answer:

Question Answer
What Did Anu Name The Device? The answer is specific to you, as it's whatever you had Anu say at Sink Or Swim
How Many Times Has Anu Panicked Since The Tediore Invasion? It isn't entirely clear, but this seems to be specific to you, too. So, however many times you chose the panic attack option for Anu.
Where Did Anu Want To Take Octavio? "Atlas"
Why Did Anu Want To Take Octavio Off Of Promethea? "Saving Octavio from streets."
Why Is Octavio Not Blaming Anu For Protecting Him Anymore? "You loved Me"

If everything goes well, Anu will undue some of her damage.


The specifics of the game's ending and the fate of the main characters depend on how strong the relationships are between them.

So, the higher the skateboard score, the happier the ending. Plus, the relationships between individual protagonists counts, too.

In the best scenario, Anu, Octavio, and Fran all remain alive and stay together. Whatever your conclusion, it plays out just before the credits roll.

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