New, Unofficial Pokerap Features Every Single Pokemon

Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey. Venasaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey! If you read those first two sentences like a list rather than singing them like a song, then you have clearly never heard the Pokerap. At the end of each episode during the first season of the Pokemon anime, the names of a handful of the original 150 Pokemon would be rapped before the credits rolled. Quite a few Pokemon were crammed into each episode, so it didn't take long before every single Pokemon had been named in the Pokerap.

As more series and more monsters were added to the Pokemon universe, the Pokerap was left in the past. Understandable as finding ways for them all to fit would be a logistical nightmare. Not too much of a nightmare that a group of more than 900 artists has decided to revive the Pokerap. The unofficial revival includes every single Pokemon created so far, hence it being more than 15 minutes long.

The ambitious project includes art from 927 different artists and includes hundreds of unique drawings of every Pokemon created by The Pokemon Company so far. The beginning of the new Pokerap is very familiar as it's lifted directly from the original. However, after the first two verses, the new content begins so that the other almost-800 Pokemon can be a part of the song.

So many people have been a part of this that the credits for the video read like the ones you would find at the end of an MCU movie. Every single artist, as well as their social media handles, is listed. That means if you like a particular art style featured in the video then you can take a look at the credits for the video, track down their name as it's listed with whichever Pokemon they drew, and give them a follow to see more of their work.

While it might not have been put together to celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary, watching it from start to finish is a great way to mark the occasion. That's if you can find the time between everything The Pokemon Company has officially done to mark the milestone. New Pokemon Snap, a Katy Perry song, and a crossover with Converse launching in the UK next month. Pokemon fans really have been spoiled in 2021.

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