New World Bug Loads A Server Full Of Placeholders, And It’s Horrifying

New World has been in the headlines for its various issues recently, but none of them are particularly fun. One player was lucky to stumble across a much more interesting one, however, as they loaded up a server full of placeholders in the place of actual assets.

Reddit user XxcOoPeR93xX was greeted with the peculiar sight as soon as they went to play the game. For whatever reason, all of the trees, bushes, and even most of the terrain was replaced with massive white bubbles that read "replace me" in bold, red letters.

The issue with the US East server appears to have come about due to a poor connection. However, in many other online games this would just result in low-quality textures – not having them disappear altogether. Yet given all of issues Amazon has been racing to fix on the servers this month, it's not even that surprising to see something like this happen.

It hasn't been looking much better over on the EU servers either. They were actually down for emergency maintenance earlier in the week, leaving thousands of players completely unable to play. They've now returned, but trading has been disabled, making it pretty hard to actually play the game as intended. This has resulted in players simply having to make their own fun, so some are holding fishing tournaments, or even calling ceasefires with opposing factions so they can all live in peace while the game is fixed.

The only good news is that some lucky players were gifts a staggering 300,000 gold when the servers went back online, which was likely an unintentional move on Amazon's part. Probably not the best move when the in-game economy is already a bit of a mess.

If that wasn't enough to put you off, you can pick up New World now for £26.24 in the Steam Autumn sale. It's still a young MMO, only having launched September 28, exclusively for PC.

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