Ninja’s Fall Guys Costume Will Be Available Tomorrow

The next costume to be added to Fall Guys will be the one designed by Ninja, which is the result of a charitable donation made earlier this year. 

The third season of Fall Guys is underway and it has winter-themed stages and costumes. The game has also introduced Crown Ranks, which will increase as the player earns more Crowns. These can be used to acquire golden versions of classic costumes. Whether this will be enough to reignite interest in the game remains to be seen, as Fall Guys has seen its player base dropping on PC.

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Back in August, developer Mediatonic held an auction involving costume designs for Fall Guys, with all proceeds going to the Special Effects charity. The winning bid came from a combined bid from Ninja, MrBeast, Aim Lab, and G2 Esports, with a pledge of over a million dollars. At the time of the bid, it was unclear how these four entities would design one costume, and now we know. The official Fall Guys Twitter page has revealed that there will be multiple costumes, and the first one comes from Ninja.

The Ninja costume is basically just his regular look. In order to unlock it, players will need to spend five crowns on the top and five crowns on the bottom. The Ninja costume will be available tomorrow. The wording of the post suggests that there will be three more costumes released in the near future.

When Fall Guys was at its height, it seemed as if every brand was trying to get involved with the game. The social media accounts of big brands were trying to get in on the Fall Guys hype, and many fans expected them to shell out a lot of cash for official crossovers. As it stands, Ninja and the other bidders were the ones who put their money with their mouths were. Mediatonic should be commended for raising so much money for charity, especially at a time when so many companies were trying to throw cash at the game.

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The Ninja costume will be available in Fall Guys on December 20, 2020.

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