Nintendo FINALLY takes Switch Joy-con issues seriously

Nintendo is finally doing something about Joy-Con issues that have been hampering the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has come under fire recently, after an increasing number of users reported problems with the Joy-Cons.

Specifically, Switch fans have complained about something called drifting, which is when the console incorrectly registers analogue stick movement.

The issue is causing in-game cameras and player-controlled characters to continuously move in one direction.

What made the problem even more annoying is that customers were forced to pay for shipping to get the issue fixed by Nintendo, or pay for repairs if they didn’t have a warranty.

Either that or spend another £65+ on a new set of Joy-Con controllers for the console.

Things have gotten so bad that one law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Nintendo on behalf of Switch owners.

Fortunately, however, it looks like help is at hand. According to a new report by Vice, Nintendo will soon offer free repairs for Joy-Con controllers suffering from drift problems.

The site claims to have been shown an internal memo telling customer support to fix the issue for free and without warranties or proof of purchase.

“Customers will no longer be requested to provide proof of purchase for Joy-Con repairs,” the memo reads.

“Additionally it is not necessary to confirm warranty status. If a customer requests a refund for a previously paid Joy-Con repair […] confirm the prior repair and then issue a refund.”

Even with the free repairs, it’s an irritating problem that can hopefully be fixed with a firmware update.

And fingers crossed it won’t affect the new range of Joy-Cons launching later this year (above).

Releasing in October, the new Joy-Cons come in blue/neon yellow and neon purple/neon orange.

The new Joy-Cons will be preceded by the release of the Switch Lite, which has a September 20 launch date.

The upcoming console ditches the detachable Joy-Cons and TV dock in favour of a portable experience for gamers on the go.

This will result to a more affordable console that will be available for £199.

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