Nintendo Switch surprise UPDATE: Handheld gets shock boost ahead of new console release

Nintendo Switch owners have been treated to a nice surprise following the recently released 8.0.0 update.

The previous Nintendo update gave users the ability to organise software, and added more than a dozen new profile icons.

But according to T3, the update also gives the console a massive speed boost, which is reason enough to pop open the champagne.

In certain “approved situations:”, the Nintendo Switch is now able to overclock its CPU to 1.75GHz. While it only seems to affect first-party releases, that’s up from the previous limit of 1GHz.

It means that games like Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild have speedier loading times.

Breath of the Wild save files are said to load 10 seconds faster than before the update, while fast travel is down from 19 second to 11 seconds.

Similar improvements have been recorded in Super Mario Odyssey.

With a new Nintendo Switch console tipped to launch in June, it’s good to see that Nintendo hasn’t given up on the original Switch just yet.

As for update 8.0.0, Nintendo fans were pleased to finally have the ability to sort their software.

“A new #NintendoSwitch system update allows you to sort your software on the HOME menu by total playtime!” reads a Nintendo tweet. “So, what are your most played Nintendo Switch games?”

According to the patch notes, you can also sort software by last played, software title, and software publisher.

The update also adds 15 new icons that can be applied to your user profile picture. This includes icons from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Other new features include parental settings for the new VR functionality introduced with the latest Labo kit.

Perhaps one of the most useful features is the ability transfer save data for individual games.

As part of the new update, you’ll be able to move this save data from one Switch system to another.

Nintendo explains more: “A feature to Transfer Your Save Data is now available, allowing you to transfer your save data for individual games between your Nintendo Switch systems.”

However, save data will not remain on the original system after the transfer is complete.

Needless to say, the Nintendo 8.0.0 update also makes improvements to system stability.

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