Nintendo UK Reveals Further Details On Bowser’s Fury Plot In Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is coming to the Nintendo Switch with an expansion called Bowser’s Fury alongside a Mario-themed custom console. Not much was known about the story, but Nintendo UK has added some information onto its website, revealing that Bowser has been tainted by a “mysterious black goop.”

An evil villain made more evil? Sure, and it means that an unlikely alliance forms – one could say a deadly alliance – as Bowser Jr and Mario team up to take down the mutated Bowser turned into a “humongous monster bent on total destruction!” It’s not as far-fetched as the GoldenEye 007 crossover, that’s for sure.

The locale you peruse is Lake Lapcat as Nintendo continues the hilariously on-the-snout feline theme. You go from island to island, collecting power to stop Bowser. It’s a nice change from rescuing a princess that is, unfortunately, in another castle.

The new Bowser, in his monstrous form, is called “Fury Bowser,” and it’s up to Jr and Mario to collect Cat Shines to up their power level. While, for Mario, it’s another excuse to beat on the big old Bowser, for Jr, it’s all about saving his dad, and he does so from the comfort of his Koopa Clown Car. Bowser’s Fury is co-op, so one player can take control of Bowser Jr.

What was also revealed is that there’s a “Fury Sun” that will change the weather, reflecting how close Fury Bowser is. This sun slowly emerges from the lake, and when the weather changes from sunny to stormy, you’d best hurry up as Bowser’s right on your tail, with meteors that he can summon from the sky and deadly fire beams that he can fire off.

Once you have all of the Cat Shines, you turn into a gigantic cat-version of Mario where you can duke it out like you’re in a Super Sentai flick. You activate this power by ringing the Giga Bell which transforms you into a reasonable size to take down this Godzilla-looking foe.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury releases on February 12 for $60 or £59.99.

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