Nioh 2 Receives Backlash On Steam Due To Performance Issues

Nioh 2, the prequel to Nioh, just came out on PC via Steam after 10 months on the PS4. And it’s doing really well compared to the original game, with an all-time player count of 41,325 as of yesterday–more than three times that of the original Nioh’s PC port.

But after an initial run of stellar reviews, some thumbs-down posts are popping up in the comments section and have dropped Nioh 2: Complete Edition down to an overall “Mixed” on Steam.

The most frequent complaint by far is poor performance, with many noting dropped or low framerates. “At first I assumed everyone who said the frame drop was a big deal was just overreacting,” wrote one reviewer, “but they were right. The frames drop really frequently. Wait to see if the devs patch it up before you buy.”

One reviewer found there were “massive frame drops in key areas,” with the added problem of the game slowing to a crawl even when getting a rough 30 frames per second. However, others report frame rates as low as 20fps even on relatively beefy hardware specs.

“Worst PC port ever,” said one Steam user succinctly.

Many are also reporting poor support for mouse and keyboard too, with imprecise inputs and settings that refuse to save. Worse, the tutorial/help screens only refer to controller buttons and don’t tell players the keyboard bindings, forcing the player to memorize which keys are bound to what controller buttons.

On any other game, these issues might not have been all that bad, but they’re the kiss of death for a Soulslike title. Timing is crucial to survival in Nioh 2, and anything that causes random slowdowns is sure to outrage players more than the already intense difficulty.

Koei Tecmo is certain to patch the game in the coming weeks, but those interested in a new Soulslike experience might want to wait for Nioh 2 to receive a few patches first.

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