No Man’s Sky: Next Generation’s Launch Trailer Shows Off All The New Goodies

No Man’s Sky is now available on Xbox Series X, and the folks over at Hello Games have put together a launch trailer to highlight all the additions made for next-gen consoles.

First and foremost, anyone who currently owns No Man’s Sky on PS4 or Xbox One will receive a free upgrade for Series X or PS5. Your save files will carry over, too, so you don’t need to worry about losing years of progress if you pick up No Man’s Sky on your new Xbox.

The trailer’s main focus is highlighting the improved graphics – not only do things look significantly better than before, but its also running in 4K at 60fps. The worlds are more detailed than ever, with an improved lighting engine that produces better, more realistic shadows. The video then runs through a litany of content, including the following:

  • Improved Volumetrics
  • 32 Player Multiplayer
  • Advanced Audio
  • 5-10x Faster Loading (Depending on location)
  • Crossplay Compatible
  • Save Game Upgrading
  • PSVR Support
  • Haptic Controls

No Man’s Sky Next Gen Trailer ends by saying it’s an “Evolving Game,” a statement that’s been true throughout the course of its existence. Originally released to resoundingly negative reviews, No Man’s Sky has pulled together an impressive list of changes over the years, and now stands as one of the better survival-exploration games on the market.

Its release on Xbox Series X and PS5 is bound to breathe new life into the game, especially with crossplay compatibility and save files that transfer. And, since Xbox Series X doesn’t have the strongest of launch lineups, now would be a perfect time to dive back into No Man’s Sky.

If you don’t have a Series X and don’t plan on picking up a PS5, it’s worth noting that most of these changes can also be found on PC – as long as you’ve got a rig that can handle it.

No Man’s Sky is now available on Xbox Series X

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