No, Symbiogenesis Isn’t Parasite Eve Returning, It’s Square Enix NFTs

Last month, Square Enix filed a trademark for "Symbiogenesis," a scientific term that involves two organisms merging into one. It's also a very important concept for Parasite Eve, a survival horror game from the late '90s for the PS1. This naturally led Parasite Eve fans–who have been patiently waiting decades for a remake, remaster, or even a pixelized mobile port–to think that the cult classic was about to make a return.

Sorry, but no. Symbiogenesis has turned out to be just another Square Enix NFT project. The tweet today confirmed it's a "collectible art project" that will come sometime in 2023. We didn't get to see any potential art, so we have no idea if it's even tangentially related to Parasite Eve.

For those who weren't around during the heady days of the original PlayStation, Parasite Eve was Square Enix's response to Resident Evil. An action horror game based on a novel by Hideaki Sena, Parasite Eve follows New York officer Aya Brea as she tries to stop Even from exterminating humanity. Mostly through spontaneous combustion, which is the best way to exterminate the entire human race if you ask me.

Besides the bonkers plot that revolved around human torches and weird science terms, Parasite Eve also featured an innovative combat system where you have an Active Time Bar that determines how often Aya can take actions, and while that bar was filling you could move around to dodge attacks. There was also an inventory system, exploration, and some good ol' fashioned tank controls.

Fans have been clamoring for a remake for years, and are rightly disappointed to hear about this Symbiogenesis thing is just another load of NFTs. Sorry for the false alarm folks. But if you’re into NFTs, here’s a Cloud action figure that Square Enix would like to tempt you with.

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