Oblivion: How To Rebuild The Gatekeeper Of The Shivering Isles

The only way to pass the Fringe and enter the shivering isles of New Sheoth in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is to defeat the gatekeeper. One large summoned flesh atronach that protects Mania and Dementia from unwanted guests. After meeting the Madgod and starting your journey in Shivering Isles, you’ll have to get that no-gatekeeper situation fixed.

Only one person in all of New Sheoth actually specializes in making gatekeepers for the Shivering Isles and Sheogorath. A Fringe resident by the name of Relmyna Verenim can help you with that. She puts you up to the task of retrieving ingredients found within multiple caves. This part of the quest can be confusing, long, and tedious if you’re not sure where to go. This guide will be walking you through these caves making it all quick and easy.

First Speak With Relmyna

Sheogorath will direct you to Relmyna, who can be found in the torture chambers of the Fringe. This building is called Xaselm and is directly left once you travel to the Fringe and go into town. It’s hidden within some rocks, so all you’ll find are some stairs and a door. After your talk with Relmyna, she’ll point you toward a special garden that produces the necessary ingredients for a gatekeeper.

Walking Through The Gardens Of Flesh And Bone

The Gardens Of Flesh And Bone is also within the Fringe. If entering from the gates of madness, it’s to your right within the town. You have to pass through the town and walk out to the edge where there are no longer houses. The goal here is to collect and harvest all the necessary ingredients and get out.

Once within the building, you’ll immediately be attacked by falling rocks as you enter the atrium. Turn into the right hallway where you’ll be greeted by a flesh atronach.

This room will contain two caved-in points and one that is open to your left. Turn into that hall as shown in the above image. Continue walking straight. There will be a dog to your right. Keep following through this path until you find a door that will lead you to a new location and map. Here you’ll find one more enemy.

Retrieving The Dermis Membrane

Upon entering you’ll find two dogs ready to fight. You’ll also notice that one of the objective arrows on your compass and map has turned green. This means you’re in the cave that has one of the necessary ingredients and you don’t need to go through a loading screen.

Turn right and follow the natural path. There will be a skeleton archer nearby. Go through the left opening. Here will be a tree trunk bridge. Loot the glowing stump on it, then jump off of the bridge.

Directly behind and under the bridge is the location of the Dermis Membrane. The Dermis Membrane is the collection of red plants in the photo below.

Once you’ve collected it, turn around and go straight through the opening behind you. There will be a skeleton archer. Keep following this path naturally. You’ll then stumble upon three different directions. Go left then right, going through the entrance on the opposite wall. There should be a dog, skeleton archer, and flesh atronach here. Turn left.

Retrieving The Osseous Marrow

There will be a skeleton archer and a skeleton with an axe in this room. Once they’re dealt with, walk up the tree-like root and interact with the structure above. Make sure to loot the green, glowing stump to your right afterward.

Go back outside of this room to the intersection. Turn left. Now it’s time to find the essence of breath. This location will contain multiple starved hungers, which are small yet very tough enemies. You’ll want to be prepared to take on these.

Finding the essence of breath is as simple as ignoring the compass and objective arrow and focusing on the actual breath that is breathing through the cave walls. You must follow the breath as it flows through each hall.

Retrieving The Essence Of Breath

Just follow the breath of green smoke. Don’t think about where you’re going or if it’s leading up to the green objective arrow on your compass. It will sometimes lead you towards areas blocked by roots, but they should automatically open up for you as you approach them.

  • If they do not open up for you in this area, it’s a bug and you should reload your save.

If you ever get lost and unsure during this part, all you have to do is stop moving and wait for the green breath to show itself again. Hone in on where it’s trying to lead you and follow it again.

After following for a bit you’ll find yourself in a large open space where the green arrow seems to be. This is not the location you need to be in, contrary to the objective arrow. Keep following the breath to the left.

From here you will have found the source of the breath, the essence itself as one large green and misty crystal as shown above. There will be two starved hungers here. To collect this ingredient, you have to stand near the essence and wait for your imaginary bottle to fill up. You’ll hear a noise as if a bottle were being filled. Once that noise is finished, you can click the object yourself and all will be done.

Retrieving The Blood Liqueur

After completing the above, turn back and go left. There will be a skeleton. Turn right, then left, and then right again as you follow the natural path. There will again be a skeleton, more rocks falling down, and a flesh atronach. You’ll find yourself at a set of stairs here. Go down them.

Turn right. There will be a chest in the middle of the room and two of the flesh atronach enemies, as seen above. There’s a door on the other side of the chest that seems locked. It must be unlocked by pressing the right button.

On the pedestal that the chest is on, there are three buttons with a face on them. Only one button opens the door. The other two will cast traps upon you.

If your back is facing the door and you’re looking at the pedestal, the right side button unleashes falling rocks. You won’t want a companion for this one. The left side button unleashes searing flames. The direct, middle button will unlock the door.

Directly inside will be one more enemy and then the location to harvest blood liqueur as seen above.

Now you have every ingredient you need and it’s time to exit these caves. Turn around and go up every staircase. Follow the natural path of the cave where there will be a door hidden behind the walls and another enemy. Here there will be roots blocking your way, but there will be a lever to open it at its side. Keep walking. Turn right, left, and then you’re free.

Complete The Ritual With Relmyna

Once you’re out of the Gardens Of Flesh And Bone, you must find Relmyna back inside Xaselm and tell her of your findings. Here you get to pick the body parts of the gatekeeper. Each body part comes with specific attributes and spells.

  • Neither will negatively impact the gatekeeper’s responsibilities but are instead for your personal use if need be. So choose what you would want for yourself.

After you collect all the pieces you shall meet with Relmyna at the gates of madness, where you killed the last gatekeeper inside the Fringe. This process consists of merely listening to Relmyna cast her spells and perform the ritual as you throw in the ingredients when she says to.

After the gatekeeper has been summoned completely, you can stay there and watch it destroy some oncoming Knights Of Order for entertainment.

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