Online VR RPG Nostos Launches On PS4… Without PSVR

Remember Nostos? A beautiful-looking VR RPG that launched on PC a year ago to curious fanfare? It’s quietly landed on PS4… without VR support.

Nostos hit SteamVR almost exactly a year ago. Developed by NetEase, the game made some hefty promises about building out an online multiplayer world that lots of players — both on PC and in VR — could meet up and adventure in.

Nostos PS4 Arrives… Without PSVR

Of particular note were the game’s lavish live action promotional videos which, compared with CG-looking ‘gameplay’ clips and a confused message about what headsets the game actually supported, made the title seem too good to be true.

Since launch the game has amassed over 700 reviews on Steam, earning a mixed rating, but it’s also been very quiet on social channels like Twitter. Indeed there’s been no mention of this month’s PS4 launch.

Head to the listing itself on the PlayStation Store, though, and you’ll find absolutely no mention of PSVR support. Every PSVR-compatible game on PS4 lists support for Sony’s headset, so its absence seems to confirm Nostos has no PSVR support on the platform.

It’s not uncommon for games to remove their VR support – Oculus launch title Chronos just came to all platforms without any headset integration, for example. But for a game that was so heavily billed around VR to come to another platform and completely ignore its VR features is more than a little bizarre. We’ve reached out to the developer to ask why the PS4 version doesn’t include VR support.

Either way, we weren’t likely to recommend you pick up the Nostos PS4 version even if it had PSVR support. If you have checked the game out on the platform, let us know what you make of it!

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