Only 1 in 4 PS5 consoles are Digital Edition claims report

It looks like the cheaper version of the PlayStation 5, without a disc drive, is also going to be the rarest.

At £450 the PlayStation 5 is cheaper than many expected but it’s still a very expensive purchase, especially in this difficult year. There is an alternative, in the £360 Digital Edition, but it turns out it may be even harder to get hold of than first assumed.

Sony hasn’t offered any official figures for how many consoles are the standard model and how many the Digital Edition but an analysis of hardware allocations by Ars Technica suggests the Digital Edition may account for less than a quarter of all stock.

The site looked at allocations for nine separate GameSpot stores in the US, where roughly 24% of stock was for the Digital Edition, with the lowest figure being 13% and the highest 33%.

Ars Technica also cites unnamed sources as confirming that the breakdown is similar for other retailers, with the breakdown for Best Buy Canada being 19,000 for the standard model and just 3,000 for the Digital Edition.

This means the situation is likely to be the same worldwide, although at the moment both models of PlayStation 5 are proving difficult to get hold of, after Sony apologised for the way it organised pre-orders.

Sony has promised that more stock will be available shortly, after which pre-orders will be offered again, but the proportion that are Digital Editions is likely to be the same.

Previously, digital editions for the Xbox One have been considered to have only a fairly niche appeal, not least because they’re not much cheaper than the normal versions.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition does represent a significant discount though and with the ever increasing popularity of digital downloads you’d think that Sony would produce more.

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