Ooblets: Every Ooblet And Where To Find It

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Ooblets is a game named after little dancing creatures that appear throughout the game. While playing, you will get to participate in dance battles and obtain new ooblets to follow you around and help out on the farm. Overall, there are a lot of ooblets to obtain on each map, but we are here to help you find them all.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at where you can find each ooblet in the game. You can also find unusual and gleamy versions of ooblets; these unique variants can be found like their normal counterparts. For example, a gleamy Fleeble can still be fed three sporbet to start a dance battle. First, let's take a look at all the ooblets that you can find in Badgetown.

Badgetown Ooblets

First up, we have ooblets that can be found in Badgetown. These are easy to obtain, since you will start the game in Badgetown.

Through the Wishy Well, you can increase the amount of ooblets that you find in town. We recommend doing this if you have enough Wishies to spare so you can collect as many ooblets as possible. You will need to purchase the 'More Ooblets' upgrades in order.

Ooblet TypeAppearance ConditionsWhat To Give
ClomperN/A2x Sweetiebeetie
BumbirbN/A2x Muz
FleebleN/A3x Sporbet
JamaSnow3x Sootheysip
LumpstumpN/A4x Planklet
WigglewipN/A2x Caroot
WuddinSnow3x Delislush
ClickyclawsUnlock More Ooblets from Wishy Well2x Froobtose
OogumUnlock More Ooblets from Wishy Well1x Oodles
UnnyhunnyUnlock More Ooblets from Wishy Well1x Quib Tart
IsopudUnlock Even More Ooblets I from Wishy Well3x Beanjuice
PlobUnlock Even More Ooblets I from Wishy Well2x Muz Flour
RadladUnlock Even More Ooblets I from Wishy Well2x Hob Dob
NuppoUnlock Even More Ooblets II from Wishy Well1x Flooti Karioka
PetulaUnlock Even More Ooblets II from Wishy Well1x Caroot Cake
SpuddleUnlock Even More Ooblets II from Wishy Well1x Clambrosia
  • Unlock Even More Ooblets III from Wishy Well
  • Rain
2x Soggy Bread
MoogyUnlock Even More Ooblets III from Wishy Well2x Pompadoot Juice
WhirlitzerUnlock Even More Ooblets III from Wishy Well2x Ground Springbeans
TudUnlock Even More Ooblets IV from Wishy Well1x Frunbun Hunbun
SidekeyUnlock Even More Ooblets IV from Wishy Well1x Mimpins Metal Mallow
ShrumboUnlock Even More Ooblets IV from Wishy Well1x Mossprouts Malt
BittleUnlock Even More Ooblets IV from Wishy Well1x Beaksnubs Pickle

Mamoonia Ooblets

As their name suggests, Mamoonia ooblets can be found in Mamoonia. This is the first location that you can visit once you have fixed the hot air balloon.

Ooblet TypeWhat To Give
Bristebud3x Mamoonia Macaroon
Derble3x Fartichoke
Firmo3x Sparkflowers
Fripp3x Spressy
Hermble3x Buttonboys

Nullwhere Ooblets

Next, we have Nullhwhere ooblets. This new location was first introduced in the 2020 Halloween update for Ooblets. Nullwhere is a dark and scary map with a handful of equally scary ooblets, which you can find listed below.

Ooblet TypeWhat To Give
Chickadingding3x Glob Blobs
Glanter1x Roast Dregs
Gloopy Long Legs3x Gember
Lickzer3x Freeps
Marshling3x Gloom Bun
Namnam3x Beetie Curd
Skuffalo3x Dregplant
Snurfler3x Hyperglob

Port Forward Ooblets

Port Forward is a lively location filled with NPCs and arcade machines. Here, you can find the mayor's signature ooblet as well.

For more information, be sure to check out our guide on how to get to Port Forward.

Ooblet TypeWhat To Give
Angkze3x Soggy Balloon
Gubwee3x Thimbi Tartare
Gullysplot3x Pneumatic Gnocchi
Legsy3x Candy Salad
Quabbo3x A Very Cellulettuce Sammy


There is only one ooblet that you can find in Pantsabear Hill, which is the Pantsabear. To dance battle with this ooblet, you will need to give them three Button Soups.

Oobtrotter Ooblets

These unique ooblets will appear on certain vacation islands. To find these ooblets, you will first need to find a message in a bottle containing an island invitation that can appear on the beach of Badgetown.

When you find a bottle, you can then access an island by speaking with Gimble, who will take you there in the hot air balloon. The island location will remain on your map for a few days before disappearing. To visit an island again, look for another invitation from a message in a bottle.

Ooblet TypeWhat To Give
Dooziedug3x Pibblepug Pie
Tamlin3x Go Go Cupcake
Grebun3x Zinooka Cake
Grumple3x Muzimi
Kingwa3x Blue Goo Pie

TippyTop Ooblets

Lastly, we have the TippyTop ooblets. There are only two here, which you can find listed below.

Ooblet TypeWhat To Give
Glopslop3x Droostrals

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