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In the world of Ooblets, Wishies are one of the most valuable resources you can get in the game. These little stars are awarded for completing tasks in the game, and spent at the Wishy Well to unlock permanent upgrades to make your life as an ooblet farmer just a little bit easier.

Not all upgrades are created equal, and the amount of Wishies they cost reflects this. Knowing which ones should be invested in first, and which you should save up for as new upgrades unlock each time you level up, can save you a ton of effort earning these little stars. If you want to know the best ways to obtain and spend Wishies, check out this guide.

Updated August 30, 2022 by Jacqueline Zalace: With the official release of Ooblets, we've updated this guide with the most current and accurate information to help you get Wishies.

How To Earn Wishies

Earning Wishies comes down to completing challenges and tasks around Badgetown, but there are some methods that can earn you Wishies much faster than others.

The normal challenges you can take on in Badgetown limit you to a maximum of three per day. Depending on which challenges come up, you could expect to earn somewhere around five to 20 Wishies per day, which is quite slow when upgrades start costing upwards of 100 Wishies.

Collecting Badges

The first way to boost your daily income of Wishies is by obtaining badges. Badges are essentially achievements that you can complete by playing the game.

The Wishies rewarded from each badge vary, but some of them are simple to complete. For example, you can earn a badge by interacting with found objects around town.

Badges are their associated rewards can be found in the 'Badge' tab of the Grumboire.

Dance Barn Challenges

Another way of earning Wishies quickly is to complete the Dance Barn challenges. Here, your ooblets will participate in dance battles that reward you with a decent amount of Wishies.

This building is located in town and will unlock once you complete the associated Tinstle Task to restore the barn. Below, you can check out the material needed to complete this task.

  • 1x Oobsidian
  • 4x Clothlets
  • 20x Plankets
  • 12x Nurnies
  • 300x Gummies

Spending Wishies

Now that you've got a nice stock of Wishies built up, it's time to start spending! Wishies can be spent directly from your Grumboire. On the 'Stuff' page, you will see a little icon of the Wishywell; clicking on this will bring you to the screen shown below. If it's your first time here, you will get a quick tutorial.

As you use Wishies to buy more things and progress in the game, you will unlock more purchases. These are associated with your current level, so in the example above, you can see that the player is only level one, and has access to just a few selections.

What To Spend Wishies On

Upgrades that you should focus on include permanent fixtures and recipes. We do not recommend spending any Wishies on basic resources. Things like Oobsidian and Clothlets can be farmed or found around Badgetown, which is free. Upgrades can only be obtained from the well and are permanent, so always save your Wishies for those.

When the 'More Ooblets' upgrade becomes available, this should be purchased right away. This will cause a wider variety of ooblets to appear in town. It goes without saying, but the more ooblets you can find, the more Gummies you can earn.

Overall, focus on spending your Wishies on upgrades and structures, like the Oobcoop, early in the game. Once you have a steady supply of Wishies, you can purchase things like Clothlet and Gummies.

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