Ooblets: Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting

Glumberland's much-anticipated debut title Ooblets combines farming, scavenging, dancing, and exploring into one cute title. Originally released into early access on the Xbox One and PC, exclusively via Epic Games Store, the game was a huge hit with life and farming simulation fans.

Players can explore Bridgetown to gain resources, make friends, and build a new life for themselves on their farm. Along the way, you'll also collect adorable Ooblets, Pokemon type creatures who just love to dance.

Confused? Don't worry. This list will take you through the essentials you need to know before you dive headfirst into the game.

Updated September 1, 2022, By Helen Ashcroft: As Ooblets heads onto new platforms and out of early access we've updated this list to make sure you are fully prepared for the farming, collecting, and dance battling that lays ahead. Ooblets are still just as adorable, but there are now more places to explore and other new gameplay elements to enjoy.

This guide has been updated to add even more tips to help you get the best start in your journey through badgetown and beyond. From farming tips to exploration advice, it's all here.

15 Choose Your Club Wisely

There are four clubs in Ooblets: Frunbuns, Peaksnubs, and Mimpins. Each one offers a different starter Ooblet and cosmetic items. You cannot change clubs, but you will be able to gain all the Ooblets and items from each club as the game progresses. This means that the best way to choose your club is by deciding your preferred Ooblet.

Frunbuns, the cute and cuddly club, gives you Tud, whose special ability increases your hype. This is a mechanic that increases the number of points gained from subsequently played cards in dance battle rounds. If you choose Peaksnubs, the born leaders, you'll get Bittle. This Ooblet has a special move that can steal points from its opponents. Outdoorsy types who choose Mossprouts will get Shrumbo, who has a powerful special move that awards a higher than usual number of points for a low cost. Finally, Mimpins, the choice for the socially awkward, offers you Sidekey, who has a move that allows the next card to be played twice.

14 Paint Is A Cheap Way To Make Your Farm Look Great

Early on your farm can be upgraded through a quest but will still look very run down. In order to make a big difference for not a lot of money, you need to head to the furniture store.

Here on the right-hand side, you'll see flooring, wallpaper, and paint. The designs change each day and these purchases will make a huge difference. Wallpaper decorates the entire inside, as does flooring, and the paint transforms the outside, all for just a couple of hundred gummies.

13 Clear Your Farm Early To Gain Extra Materials

When you first move into the town you'll be shown a very run-down farm which will be your new home. It contains a ramshackle house, an overgrown field, and a leaky tap. Clearing some space will be essential for planting but there are also other reasons to remove the weeds, wood, and rocks.

As you complete quests each day you'll need nurnies, plankets, and seeds. All of these can be gained from the debris on your farm. Nurnies come from rocks, planklets from wood and seeds can drop from weeds, saving you gummies. Once cleared, some items will respawn, providing a good flow of much-needed materials.

12 Plant As Often As You Can

Planting is a great way to make money and fulfill quests. Produce you grow can be sold in Meed's Seeds for gummies – Badgetown's currency – used to cook food, reconstituted and turned into fishing bait, or given to wild Ooblets in order to participate in dance battles.

Sweetberries and Muz are especially good to grow since these are used in early game quests and cooking.

Different quests will also require crops on occasion, especially in the later game when you'll also need to combine ingredients by grinding, mixing, and squashing.

11 Keep A Supply Of Food

Food has multiple uses in Ooblets. You'll most often use it to restore energy on the go, vital if you want to keep collecting items from the town, or tending your farm. All farming and collecting actions require energy, and you only have a limited amount each day. If you don't want to have to go back to your farm for a nap then food is essential.

As you start to encounter different Ooblets you'll notice that more of them require specific cooked foods, rather than just food items. If you want to battle them all to collect their seeds then you'll need to start cooking as soon as you can.

10 Use The Wildlands

The Wildlands is located at the top of the map and is useful for many different things. Not only can you store (and retrieve) any Ooblets that won't fit on your farm, but you can also do frequent quests. These quests level up the area, unlocking new sections to explore. Some require doing tasks in the area, such as watering plants, while others require you to leave Ooblets there.

The Wildlands also gives you access to crops and other items which you can't get anywhere else. Since unlocking the area is gated by the timed quests it's worthwhile to start doing as many of these as you can as early as possible so you aren't held up later.

9 Have A Daily Plan

As well as planting crops, there are certain tasks you'll want to do daily. The town is full of items that will respawn each day along paths, in gardens, and on the beach. Collecting these will allow you to gift items to the townspeople as they request them.

You can also find pieces of recipes and other useful items inside various homes. These will respawn every few in-game days so make sure to check back regularly.

The books in the hut near the pier and the outdoor bucket by Rugnolia's are good items to watch as these often sync with in house items.

8 Oobcoops And Sprinklers Save Time

In terms of keeping on top of your farm, Oobcoops and Sprinklers are the most useful items you can create. Plans for both are available with wishies, earned by completing tasks, and they each have different advantages.

Oobcoops increase the number of Ooblets you can have on your farm and any Ooblets assigned to a coop will also help tend your crops. The huts themselves also boost the growth of nearby crops. Sprinklers meanwhile will keep everything watered over a large area.

7 Watch For The Rain

To craft your sprinklers you'll need rainplops which you can only find after rain falls. This means that whenever it gets rainy, which can take a while, it's a good idea to look around all the gardens in town. Rainplops are rare but are easily identifiable by how they sparkle.

Sprinklers will save you so much time it's worth collecting as many of these as you can to craft them. However, since the resource is so scarce it can be worth getting your hands on the best sprinkler blueprint before you start crafting.

6 Spend Your Wishies Wisely

Wishies are accumulated by completing tasks and can be spent at the wishywell in front of the town hall. While it's tempting to use them to acquire difficult to gain materials, such as Oobsidian or Clothlet, for long term planning there are much better options. Think before you spend, as Oobsidian, in particular, is easier to find than it initially appears.

Investing in sprinklers and oobcoops will save huge amounts of time, increasing productivity. You can also encourage more Ooblets to visit which allows you to collect, grow and scan them faster. Expanding the seed store is also a great early game option, as the seeds you unlock sell for a higher price. For those who want to customise their Badgetown experience you can upgrade both the furniture and clothing store.

5 Prioritise Your Tinseltasks

Tinsel tasks start to appear early on but don't try and take on too many at once. Most require the same items so if you are struggling for supplies in the early game you don't want your resources deposited in three different boxes across town. It's much better to complete things one at once, in line with your goals.

We recommend unlocking the town hall and doing the Oobnet tower quest as early as you can, so you can fix the balloon and start to explore. Exploring gives you greater access to new Ooblets, as well as new seeds, crafting items and recipes.

4 Stock Up On Clothlet When The Price Is Low

Clothlet is the most expensive early game item there is and lots of quests require it. Also while oobsidian is also rare, this is only needed in small quantities, whereas clothlet is required in much bigger bundles. You can plant clothlet seeds but these cost a whopping 32 gummies each. For this reason, it's good to keep an eye on the daily deals in Meed's Seeds. Every day a different item will go on sale at half price.

When the shop is at the lowest level clothlet seeds go on sale regularly as sale items rotate. However, unlockable crops are more valuable when sold so make sure to balance your needs.

You can also gain the seeds for free by weeding and tending your farm regularly. Checking the town's gardens for fully grown plants alsom helps boost your supply, especially early on.

3 Vary The Ooblets You Take Into Dance Battles

When you are participating in dance battles variety is key. Ooblets have different moves and your cards are linked to each Ooblet. The key to winning early battles is to ensure you have a variety of moves available to better counter the opposition.

While some Ooblets appear overpowered, we're looking at you Lumpystump, combining them with others is still the best way to gain victory. It's also a great way to build up a selection of strong contenders for the later game.

2 Unlock The Barn For Fast Levelling

If you're looking to level your Ooblets quickly and gain a dance battle army then you need to fix up Bazil's barn. It's a pricey business but once unlocked you'll gain access to a daily three-round dance tournament.

This event will give players the chance to earn Ooblet xp, gummies, and rare Ooblet seeds. Since you can participate every day at no cost, it doesn't matter if you lose. The unique twists, including tournaments where every move is free, also allow you to test new Ooblets and dance move combinations without spending valuable resources.

1 Take Your New Ooblets To Rugnolia

Each time you gain a new Ooblet it's worth a trip to Rugnolia. Once her scanning machine is online she'll scan the Ooblet for you, and you'll gain a nice chunk of gummies and a statue. Rarer Ooblets reward more gummies.

The statues can be displayed in the town hall, although there is currently only room for one per Ooblet, so you cannot display both the regular and rare versions. As the cabinets of statues are filled you'll also gain rewards from the mayor.

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