Outriders Dev Issues New Patch To Address "Inventory Wipe" Bug

Outriders – like most modern games that rely on a constant internet connection – was plagued with server issues at launch. While many of the problems have since been ironed out, a dreaded Inventory Wipe bug still exists, which deletes all the gear you’ve managed to collect. People Can Fly is aware of the problem and has pushed out a new round of updates to reduce the bug’s occurrence.

It’s worth mentioning the latest “preventative measures” won’t eliminate the Inventory Wipe bug, but should help reduce its occurrence. If you happened to run into the nasty bug, People Can Fly is asking you to report it on the official Reddit or Steam community.

“Earlier today we applied additional preventative measures onto our servers to guard against any Inventory Wipes,” reads the announcement. “These are reducing the occurrence of this issue, but we are continuing to lock in additional countermeasures.”

While the team works to fix the issue, it shared a current workaround that might help save your precious gear from vanishing into the void. As soon as you notice your gear has been deleted from your inventory, force close your game and reboot it. With any luck, all your gear will be back where it belongs.

People Can Fly still has plans to restore gear to all players who have fallen prey to the bug, although a firm timeline is yet to be established. The latest announcement mentions this is a top priority, so we’re hoping something will come about within the next week or so.

Outriders continues to have lingering issues, after hundreds of thousands of players flooded its servers at launch. The title quickly jumped up the Steam charts, becoming one of the most played and most sold games on the service. The same goes for Xbox – which is offering the title to millions of players as part of Game Pass. Despite these frustrating setbacks, the dev team has been impressively transparent with its update process – so stay tuned on Reddit or Twitter for more news in the coming days.

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