Outriders Worldslayer: How To Get Apocalypse Gear

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Outriders: Worldslayer introduced a new tier of gear for players to chase. Known as Apocalypse gear, these items come with an additional mod that cannot be changed. Gaining a third mod is massive for enhancing the strength of a specific weapon or armor piece, making Apocalypse gear the strongest item tier in the game.

Of course, getting a full set of min-maxed Apocalypse gear won't be easy. Since you can't change this third mod, you'll need to farm for duplicates of the same Legendary to get the exact mods your build needs. This guide will go over what Apocalypse gear is, how to obtain it, and we'll cover how Apocalypse gear works with Outriders' crafting system.

What Is Apocalypse Gear?

Apocalypse gear is a sub-rarity of gear introduced in Outriders: Worldslayer. Every Epic and Legendary item in Worldslayer has a small chance of dropping as an Apocalypse variant, showcased by a unique icon background. All Apocalypse items drop with a third mod pre-installed that cannot be changed.

Both weapons and armor can drop with Apocalypse variants, including Legendary items. The third mod that drops on Apocalypse gear is random and can be of any tier. While you can't change this third mod socket through crafting, dismantling the item will unlock that mod in your collection—provided you don't already have that mod unlocked.

How To Get Apocalypse Gear

Your Apocalypse Tier determines how often Apocalypse gear will drop. As you increase your active Apocalypse Tier, the chance of earning Apocalypse gear will slowly increase. All activities are affected by the Apocalypse Tier system, meaning you can get Apocalypse items from Expeditions, Tarya Gratar, and even the Outriders campaign.

The Best Apocalypse Gear Farm

Since Apocalypse gear drops from any activity, speedrunning Expeditions is your best bet. Missions like Chem Plant, Boom Town, and Frontline are some of the best Expeditions to farm due to their length. Tarya Gratar is also an option if you don't mind a more lengthy grind. Complete every side trove you can, and be sure to set the Apocalypse Tier as high as you can handle before starting; you can't change Tarya Gratar's Apocalypse Tier once you start the activity.

Upgrading Apocalypse Gear

As with all other items in Outriders, it's possible to use the crafting system to alter your Apocalypse items. All Apocalypse items can have their attributes increased, level increased, rarity increased if it isn't Epic quality, and adjust one of its first two mod sockets. Once again, you cannot alter the third mod socket on an Apocalypse item.

Changing an Apocalypse item's mods and attributes cost the same as with any other item. For leveling and rarity increases, you'll need to spend a new resource called Anomaly Extract atop the standard Titanium and Drop Pod Resources you'd expect. You can obtain Anomaly Extract by dismantling Apocalypse items, higher-level gear being worth more when dismantled. Elites also have a small chance of dropping this resource, although it is far better to dismantle Apocalypse items for this resource.

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