Overwatch 2 Bug Is Making Symmetra Unplayable

Overwatch 2's latest big update hasn't exactly gone off without a hitch. Not only did it introduce some unpopular nerfs, but its promise to make the battle pass more rewarding has just left many of us even more confused. Now, we can add another problem to the list: the patch has broken Symmetra.

For some reason, some minor tweaks to Symmetra's moveset have hit her with perhaps one of the biggest nerfs she's ever faced: her turrets aren't working. As spotted by several players, Sym's turrets are being destroyed whenever they collide with certain assets on the map – and then disappear from the game altogether. This makes it impossible to redeploy them, leaving Sym without one of the best moves in her arsenal.

The bug has been shared by a few players since the latest patch went live, suggesting these aren't isolated incidents. It's also being complained about on the official Overwatch forum, although the devs are yet to include it in their list of known issues.

We managed to replicate the glitch on Junkertown, towards the end of the map on the moving platforms. When turrets are placed on a nearby ledge, they will disappear as soon as they collide with the spinning platform. Once they disappear, they can't be redeployed for the rest of the match. This, of course, makes Sym pretty much useless, forcing the player to switch off her and sacrifice some ultimate charge in the process.

According to other players, the glitch can be encountered as early as the spawn room. For example, if a basketball hits one of the turrets, it will reportedly disappear before the match has even begun.

It's not clear why the update has caused this to happen, since the only change that was introduced for Symmetra was a slower release for her shield barrier ultimate. It's not clear if having assets from the map destroy her turrets was an intended change, as it doesn't appear on the patch notes. In any case, Sym mains will have to wait around for a fix.

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