Overwatch 2 Reveals New Tank Hero Ramattra

Overwatch 2 has revealed a brand new Tank hero called Ramattra at the Overwatch League Grand Finals, who will join the roster at the start of Season 2 on December 6. It was revealed that Ramattra is heavily tied to current Overwatch character Zenyatta, and the two are apparently almost like brothers.

Ramattra was revealed in a short story video detailing his backstory, relationship with Zenyatta and the Omnic people, and overall goals. We didn't get any gameplay unfortunately, but two developers from Blizzard were on hand to explain a little bit more about how the character will play. According to them, Ramattra will have two different forms that players can take on – his Omnic form and his Nemesis form.

In his Omnic form, players will need to be a little more defensive with Ramattra, utilizing a barrier to protect his team. However, if you need to go on the offensive, Ramattra can transform into his Nemesis form to pierce through enemy lines with powerful punches. That's all we learnt about Ramattra from a gameplay perspective, but you can watch the story cinematic down below to get more a feel for the character and his motivations.

As for what else could be introduced when Season 2 arrives, many players have been speculating that an underwater map may be in the works over at Blizzard. In both the Midtown and Esperança maps, a location called Atlantic Arcology can be found on destination boards, despite there being no map in Overwatch 2 going by that name.

Seeing as though the name implies it will be aquatic in some form, fans are speculating that this could be an underwater map, concept art of which was released around the launch of the first Overwatch. This map was called Galapagos, but it's possible the concept art could have been reworked into a new map for Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, we can only wait and see if this theory is correct, but not for too long, as Season 2 begins in just over a month on December 6.

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