Path of Tai Ti’s Tribute – Immortals Fenyx Rising, Myths Of The Eastern Realm Vault Guide

The Path of Tai Ti’s Tribute is the third gate on the first island of Myths of the Eastern Realm, the second DLC pack for Immortals Fenyx Rising. It has a difficulty of three out of three, but you probably won’t feel the punch of that until the final section – until then it’s some fairly standard puzzles.

First off, jump the gap and activate the switch on the left. Jump on the cloud, and use pull to carry the box inside the cage from one end to the other. Once you get to the middle, drop the box and pick it back up so it can pass under the stone bar at the top. At the end of the cage, drop the box onto the pressure pad, and ride the cloud back, then repeat the same on the other side. If you fall off, just wait for the cloud to return to you, as activating the switch again will reset the puzzle. Once this is done, you’ll be able to use the switch at the other side to hop on a cloud and climb to the next level.

Here, you’ll need to carry a box across a set of three cloud jumps to reach the pressure pad. This box will break if you throw it, and will also break if the red orbs being shot above you hit it, so start jumping just after the first orb fires and you’ll have enough time to clear the gap. Drop the box on the pressure pad and go through the doors to the next area.

Through here, you need to direct a cloud through a linear path. The lever on the right moves the clouds, and the lever on the left moves the pillars in the way. Because the cloud can only move in one direction, there’s no trick to getting it around, just remember to drop the pillars before the cloud hits them. Once the cloud is in front of the third lever, stop it and run down to it. Activate this third lever then jump on the cloud to get carried across to the next section.

At this point, you can go right for the epic chest, or straight ahead to finish up. Either way, this is where it gets a bit tricker. First off, we’ll go right. Here, you’ll need to stand on the pressure pad to bring the cloud halfway up the alley, then use it as a stepping stone to jump to the next ledge. You can’t double jump or glide here. Next, you need to get on and off the pressure pad three times to bring a chain of three clouds out, then use them as stepping stones. Once the back end of the cloud is about half a cloud’s length away from the start, you can step on and off to bring out the next one. This keeps them close enough that you can jump them but far enough apart that they stretch across the alley. After this, you’ll be able to open the chest and travel back to the middle.

Going forward from this point, you need to activate the switch and drop down onto the middle cloud. From here, you should shoot the three wooden boxes in the first area, and should also be able to shoot the wooden box on the middle platform in the second area, and the front two on the left of the second area. With the special arrows, this is easier and quicker than it sounds. From here, hop on the right cloud and use that to jump around the wall onto the middle platform where the box was, and keep going to the left platform. Destroy the three other boxes with your axe, then use pull to remove the two metal boxes in the middle of the second area. By this point, you’ll be able to get on the cloud on the left and ride it around to the middle. There’s then four metal boxes ahead of you. You should be able to pull and drop two of them into the gap in front of you before the middle cloud gets there. Be sure to drop these boxes in the gap, as if you pull them close and drop them on the cloud, the whole puzzle will reset. The controls are difficult, so this might happen a few times.

For the last two boxes, you won’t have time to dump them. Instead, pull one towards you and throw it away, then pull the second one above your head. This can be thrown away too, but once the cloud has passed that section, you’re out of the woods. Ride the cloud to the end and then leave the vault.

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