Persona 3 Portable: Complete Guide To Conditions

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While they may be a bit unfamiliar to the new swath of fans playing Persona 3 Portable for the first time with the game’s port to current-gen consoles, conditions in P3P are pretty straightforward once you get the hang of what they mean.

Your party members’ condition will dictate how well they perform as you make your way through Tartarus, and a change in status for one can end up spelling danger for the whole party. For a full list of what conditions impact in Persona 3 Portable and how to change them, check out our guide down below.

What Do Conditions Affect?

You’ll likely come across your first status change the very first time you head into Tartarus.

When your party’s portraits come up along the side of the screen in battle to show their HP/SP, you’ll also notice a face icon that’s making one of four expressions. It's an easy way to check inside Tartarus, but you can see from the party menu as well.

If you’d like to check your team’s status before entering Tartarus, though, you can do so by talking to Mitsuru when you see her in the Iwatodai Dormitory Lounge.

As long as you have enough party members feeling Good, you’re safe to begin exploring Tartarus, but the team’s condition changes as you progress.

The longer you stay in Tartarus, the more likely it becomes for the team to grow Tired.

Having a party member drop to 0 HP during battle will also increase the chance that they become Tired following said battle.

Your default condition will be Good. This is your party’s average and will be what you see most often when beginning an exploration in Tartarus. Good condition means everyone is all set to go and take on some shadows.

In the earliest days of the game, you won’t have too many party members to choose from. However, later on as you accrue new members of SEES, you can return to the start of Tartarus and change party members if the ones you're currently exploring with grow Tired or Sick.

A party member that has not gone into Tartarus yet that day, unless otherwise noted before you arrived, will be in Good condition by default when first added to the active party.

Make use of this mechanic later in the game to keep your party consistently feeling fresh and hitting their hardest.

What Does Being In Great Condition Do?

The ideal condition for your party to be in for exploring Tartarus is Great, but it's also the most difficult condition to achieve.

The only character whose condition you can influence directly to get them to Great condition is your protagonist. If you know you’re headed into Tartarus, do all you can to get them there for some extra battle benefits!

If your protagonist is in Great condition in Tartarus, they have an increased critical strike rate and overall accuracy. It also takes much longer for their condition to decay.

Great condition means that your character can withstand an attack that would otherwise result in death and not become Tired or Sick from it after the battle. Falling in battle will decrease their condition a bit, but they will not go directly to Tired or Sick as a teammate only in Good condition would.

You may also find your party members in Great condition sometimes, but this is unlikely. However, when they first join the party and are on their first exploration through Tartarus, they will have the Great status to begin for that night.

How To Get Into Great Condition

There are a few ways to influence your protagonist to get in Great condition before going to Tartarus.

The easiest way is to go to bed early the day before you know you’ll be going to Tartarus.

Simply return to your dorm room at Iwatodai Dormitory during the evening, and instead of doing anything with the time slot, interact with your bed and choose to go to sleep.

You can also sleep during class, if given the opportunity to do so, to increase your condition to Great while at school.

Sleeping during class will only get you into Great condition if you were already in Good condition to begin with.

Another great option for boosting your way into Great condition is to shop at Be Blue V. You can find the store at Paulownia Mall, where the service costs ¥3,000, but can be used any time Be Blue V is open. If you visit while in Good condition, paying for the the service will elevate your protagonist to Great condition.

Additionally, though it may seem odd, you can also use a restroom while in Good condition to boost to Great. You can find restrooms dotted around your map, such as at Iwatodai Dormitory – 1F Lounge. This will only work once per day.

Finally, though your chances are low, if you get the 10,000 fortune at Naganaki Shrine, it will put you in Great condition.

What Does It Mean If A Character Is Tired?

You’ll know you’ve been in Tartarus for a while when you begin getting notifications that your party is feeling weary. Checking their condition after this, you’ll find them feeling Tired.

When teammates are in Tired condition, their accuracy decreases during battles. When an enemy attack lands, the teammate will take increased damage, and it also takes them longer to get up after a knockdown.

Your teammates are more likely to get Tired not only after long explorations but also as they take more damage. Regardless of your healing skills or medicinal items after the fights, battle after battle takes a toll after a while!

If you’re just beginning your exploration for the night, any party member who is Tired will not be willing to go into Tartarus with you. Your protagonist is the exception to this rule.

While it can happen at any point in Tartarus regardless of the lunar cycle, all party members will have the Tired condition the day after Full Moon visits to Tartarus.

It’s something of a blockade to force you to take time away from the grind and experience the rest of the story for a bit outside just the battles, as well as give the team some much-needed rest.

Outside Of Tartarus

Your protagonist’s actions outside of Tartarus can also decrease their own condition to Tired.

If you study for too many time slots in a row without rest, it’s likely you’ll find your protagonist feeling Tired.

Additionally, if you draw the very worst luck fortune at Naganaki Shrine, you’ll be Tired as well.

What Happens If A Character Is Sick?

If you thought the Tired condition was irritating to deal with when going through Tartarus, you’ll have a much worse time with the Sick condition.

If your party members become Sick during an exploration, they will take even more damage than even the Tired condition, while simultaneously dealing much less. If they’re knocked down during battle, it’s entirely likely that they might not recover from it during that battle, remaining down until the fight ends.

The longer you’re in Tartarus, especially if you’re pushing a party member who has already expressed that they're Tired, the more likely it is that they’ll degrade to Sick.

Like with Tired teammates, if a potential party member is already Sick before heading to Tartarus, they may also refuse to join the party that night.

If they are willing to join, however, their performance will be as listed above, so it may be wise to skip asking them.

Though your protagonist can bounce back from any condition relatively quickly, teammates take longer to recover when they grow Sick or Tired. Keep this limitation in mind when planning your explorations.

How To Recover From Being Sick Or Tired

It seems the members of SEES react to conditions differently. Your Protagonist is very easy to influence, and they can bounce between conditions multiple times in one day. All the members of SEES, however, can take up to a full week to bounce back into Good shape.

Though he’s definitely quirky, Mr. Edogawa is the school nurse at Gekkoukan High, and he’ll offer your protagonist some strange medicine if you visit while either Sick or Tired. He'll actually only let you into the office if you are.

This is a great way to raise your Courage stat as well as heal your condition. You can find Mr. Edogawa and his strange medicines at the Nurse's Office by going to the 1st Floor Main Lobby and cutting down the hallway here, Near Faculty Office.

You can also use Yawn-B-Gone either inside or outside Tartarus to boost your condition from Tired to Good. You can buy up to three each week from the vending machine at Gekkoukan High – 2F.

We already discussed it above, but shopping at Be Blue V at Paulownia Mall can boost your protagonist's condition from "Tired" to "Good," in addition to boosting you to Great condition.

It's not consistent, but using the restroom while in the Tired condition may occasionally be the boost you need to achieve Good condition, too. It's never a promise, but it's free and it doesn't consume time, so it's always worth a shot.

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