Persona 4 Golden: Complete Boxed Lunch Guide

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One of the main draws to any Persona game is a solid cast of characters, and Persona 4 Golden delivered that in spades. The friends you make at Yasogami High are as vibrant as they are unique, making it easy to want to hang out with them (even if they didn’t get sweet battle boosts for your time, too).

But if you need to close a gap before your next rank up, make them a boxed lunch for school – it’s a great way to boost your affinity. For all you need to know about Persona 4 Golden’s boxed lunches, read on ahead.

What Are Boxed Lunches?

In Persona 4 Golden, you have the option to spend the evening making lunch when you check the refrigerator at the Dojima Residence. You’ll know you have the opportunity to make a lunch when Nanako says she went shopping.

When you know there are fresh ingredients waiting, check the fridge and select the option to make food. Doing so will consume your evening time slot for that day but will provide a meal for the following.

In cooking, the game will ask you a question about how to prepare the food. Each dish has one correct answer and choosing it will give you a perfect lunch.

Once you have a boxed lunch, the following day at school, you can then invite one of your social links to share the food with you.

To invite someone, two conditions need to be met:

  • The social link must be a Yasogami High student.
  • You must have unlocked their social link before you can invite them.

Inviting a friend to lunch triggers a scene wherein you and the social link are on the roof eating together, and you receive bonus affinity with that character if the meal was tasty.

Making five perfect boxed lunches unlocks the Cooking With Gas achievement.

All Boxed Lunch Recipes

Below, you’ll find the correct answer for the prompt given for each dish in Persona 4 Golden.

Meal Being Prepared

Correct Answer

Broiled Fish

Wrap it tightly

California Rolls

Mix and cool simultaneously

Carrot & Burdock Root Kinpira

Add soy sauce and mirin

Chakin Sushi

Thinned eggs

Cream Stew

Dump in all the cold milk






Deep-fry them

Fried Chicken

Potato starch

Ginger Pork

Score it with a knife

Grilled Fish

Strong heat but from far away


Olive oil


Cut a hole and look for juice


Mirin, sugar & sake

Marinated Spinach

Strain it

Meat Stew

Simmer with a dropped lid

Mentaiko Pasta



Keep on a low flame and don't boil

Potato Salad

Smash while still hot


Vanilla extract

Sweet & Sour Pork

Potato starch


Flour, egg, then panko


Add lots of milk

Yakiniku Bento

Use soy sauce

Be sure to make use of the boxed lunch feature often for help ranking up your social links!

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