Persona 4 Golden: How To Defeat Shadow Naoto

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Persona 4 Golden sees Yu and the Investigation Team battling your way through the world inside the TV to save the residents of Inaba, and the next up on your docket is another friend – Naoto Shirogane, the “Detective Prince” who came to Inaba to help local police solve the series of disappearances.

But Naoto’s got parts of herself she needs to confront before she can formally join your Investigation Team for the remainder of the game, but recruiting her gives you access to brand new magic afterward. For help taking down Shadow Naoto, read on ahead with the guide below.

Though we focus on combat in our boss shadow guides, this article may still contain spoilers for the plot of Persona 4 Golden.

Shadow Naoto Stats And Attacks

Below, you’ll find a complete table listing all of Shadow Naoto’s attacks and affinities for the battle against her in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona Affinity Table Key




This shadow is strong against this element, and attacks of this element deal less damage.


This shadow is weak against this element, and attacks of this element deal more damage.


This shadow will repel attacks of this element, reversing the damage onto you.


This shadow will nullify attacks of this element, and as such, they deal no damage.


This shadow will gain health from attacks of this element, so attacks of this heal the shadow.

Attacks of this element deal normal damage to the shadow.

Shadow Naoto Affinity Chart

Affinities and Weaknesses










(takes 125% damage)



Skills and Attacks


Heavy fire damage to one foe


Heavy fire damage to all foes


Heavy ice damage to one foe


Heavy ice damage to all foes


Heavy electric damage to one foe


Heavy electric damage to all foes


Heavy wind damage to one foe


Heavy wind damage to all foes

Brave Blade

Severe physical attack damage to one foe

Mind Charge

Naoto's next magic attack hits with 250% power

Heat Riser

Raises one ally's attack, defense, and hit/evasion for three turns


Reduces one foe's attack, defense, and hit/evasion for three turns


Reflects one physical-damage move back at the attacker


Reflects one magic-damage move back at the attacker (except almighty)


Cancels stat penalties on the user's party


Cancels stat bonuses to the opposing party

Galgalim Eyes

Drops one foe's HP to one, with a chance to inflict enervation

Mute Rate

Reduces one foe's HP and SP, with a chance to inflict silence

Element Zero

Cancels all elemental resistances on all enemies

Shadow Naoto Battle Strategy

The majority of your fight with Naoto’s Shadow is a pretty straightforward exchange of damage, but she does have a few moves of which you’ll want to be especially wary during the battle.

Galgalim Eyes

Possible the most irritating of her moves, Galgalim Eyes chops your HP down to one when it hits, and has a non-negligible chance of inflicting enervation.

This status change halves your stats, making your offense and defense both significantly worse.

Technically speaking, Galgalim Eyes uses almighty magic, making it all but impossible to avoid. You can avoid enervation with passive skills, but the damage itself is unavoidable.

Mute Ray

A multi-faceted attack, Mute Ray will hurt if it hits. Not only does it sap some of your HP and SP over to Shadow Naoto, but you also run the risk of being afflicted with silence.

Silence renders the party member afflicted with it unable to use their Persona. If they don’t default to physical moves, they may waste turns trying to use magic.

The HP and SP are easy enough to recover, but be sure to deal with silence early, as it can and will rob you of a precious few turns.

However, by deploying a Magic Mirror or casting Makarakarn at just the right point, you can reflect Mute Ray back at Shadow Naoto.

The status affliction is the same to her as it is to your team. If Mute Ray hits Shadow Naoto, then she can’t use her Persona, either. She may waste turns trying, or she may default to her buffs and debuffs.

Element Zero

Element Zero is likely where you’ll run into trouble with this fight, as this move cancels your elemental resistances, making every offensive magic move fair game for Naoto.

When this happens, all your affinities are changed to regular, meaning that any move can hit anyone. This is when it’s more pivotal than ever to have a healer in the party, as you will be taking damage here.

A good way to handle Shadow Naoto is by having someone casting buffs and debuffs in conjunction with their attacks.

Naoto’s Shadow has a few moves that can boost her stats, and in a fight where she’s already dealing a lot of damage, you definitely don’t want her hitting you any harder than normal.

Recommended Party Setup

For the fight against Naoto’s Shadow in P4G, we’d recommend bringing a healer, Kanji, and either Yosuke or Chie. No matter who’s with you, we suggest being around Lv. 50-55 to deal with Shadow Naoto.

If either Yosuke or Chie have their second-form Personas, choose them over the other, as both of their final Personas will have changed affinities.

Yosuke’s evolved Persona, Susano-o, has no electric weakness, resists fire, and nullifies wind magic entirely. On the other hand, Chie’s evolved Persona, Suzuka Gongen, has no more fire weakness and now nullifies ice instead of just resisting it.

Regardless, Kanji is something of a must, as you’ll likely find that he does most of the damage during this fight.

This is because, while Shadow Naoto doesn’t have any weaknesses, she does have a hidden soft spot against electric attacks.

Naoto’s Shadow takes 125 percent damage from electric moves, so while it’s not a full weakness, it’s definitely something to exploit in the fight.

As for Yukiko or Teddie, their elemental magic will be of no limited here, but as a healer, she’ll be a main feature on your team.

Shadow Naoto has -dyne skills of every affinity and is more than capable of targeting your team’s weaknesses, so don’t be afraid to have your healer focus solely on your team's HP instead of Shadow Naoto.

Yukiko will learn Amrita when you’ve reached Rank 6 of her social link, which can cure status ailments for your party.

Teddie, on the other hand, will learn it when he reaches Lv. 61.

Finally, your best bet for your own Personas would be to bring one that has no elemental weaknesses. The majority of Shadow Naoto’s attacks are elemental in nature, so being able to hold your own against magic is pivotal.

And since she has a full range of magic with which to attack your party, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when she may use what if she’s not targeting a weakness. If you can help it, simply don’t give her a weakness to target when Element Zero isn’t active.

And if you can double that up with a Persona that knows electric magic, even better! Tam Lin is a great example, but you can't fuse it until you’ve reached Lv. 53, so be prepared.

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